Micro Mesh Flexi File - 4 Way

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This great file has 4 grades in one tool!

Its 15cm in length, and has 2 different grades per side:

Black: 180MX (roughest)
Pink: 2400
White: 4000
Grey: 12000 (finest)

It is also slightly flexible, so great for manipulating around your curved pieces. 

Reviews (9)

A must-have

Written by Kate on 31st Jul 2018

This is my second one so far and I already need more, the grades on this thing are perfect.

Micromesh flexifile

Written by Pat Naish on 6th Dec 2017

Excellent filing system. Goes from coarse to shiney. Simple, quick must have piece of kit.


Written by Pat Naish on 13th Dec 2016

I work in sterling silver, not clay, but don't know what I'd do without these bits of kit! They do all the things metal files can't without the hassle and risks of other finishing methods

A fantastic tool!

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 24th Jul 2016

I love love love these handy 4 way files. They can be used on dry clay or fired silver. Perfect for smoothing over soldered jump rings and rough edges. Highly recommended!

the perfect file!

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 10th May 2016

I love these 4 way files, work down through the grit grade to achieve that perfect finish. These are fab on rough edges and perfect to clean up untidy solder joints on jump rings etc.

Unbeatable abrasive sticks

Written by Pat Naish on 26th Mar 2016

There are 4 grades of abrasive on each stick, from rough (good for cleaning titanium) to ultra-smooth (gives a high shine on sterling silver). They last for ages. I just can't praise them highly enough! Never be without them is my advice.

A must have tool

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 26th Feb 2016

This four way file is a must have, perfect for little filing, smoothing and polishing jobs. I love this product and wouldn't be without it!!! Highly recommended!

A must have for small jobs

Written by alan on 5th Mar 2015

this 4 way file is a must have for those small jobs were a light touch is needed, it's flexibility helps to no end, and 4 grades of grit on one stick, well you get 4 for the price of one.


Written by D on 5th Oct 2012

This file is great for filing small pieces and the flexibility allows you to get into most areas with ease.

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