Mineral Accents - Aqua-Blue

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Crushed Mineral Accents are prepared from large pieces of minerals, including coloured Cubic Zirconia. They are an easy way to add a bit of colour and sparkle to your Art Clay. They are excellent for giving a drusy look to your pieces. They’re more affordable than colour-coated drusys, they allow you more artistic freedom, and you don’t have to struggle with more advanced methods of setting a shaped stone after firing.

Most of the CMA Accents can be fired at 650°C without any colour changes. Some of the colours change at 800°C when fired at 30 minutes. Check out our full instructions here

Please note: The product image shows an example pack. The quantity and sizes of the minerals can change from pack to pack. (You can also break the minerals up more if you wanted smaller pieces). 

Reviews (2)


Written by Anna Krizhanich on 18th Feb 2018

These mineral accents have very nice colour and are beautiful.

Mineral accents

Written by Shelly on 5th Jun 2017

Beautiful colours but just a tad disappointing they were such tiny fragments.

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