Oval cabochon - Carnelian - 10x14mm

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These carnelian cabochons are a bright, burnt-orange shade of red. It's a translucent stone, which shines brighter when light can pass through it.

Being a cabochon (often shortened to cab) means it is not faceted, and has a domed front surface and a flat back

They can't be fired with the clay, as they could crack or discolour if exposed to high temperatures, so need to be set in a bezel. Make your own using fine silver bezel wire, or do it the easy way with a bezel cup. Our Fine Silver Bezel Setting - Oval is perfect for this stone and can be set into metal clay and fired with the piece, creating a professional setting ready for you to put the stone in once the piece is fired and polished. Fix it in place by pushing the sides of the bezel around the stone with a Bezel Pusher.

This is a natural stone, so it can contain inclusions, and the colour and the exact size and height might vary from stone to stone. If you are planning to set as a pair, or need matching stones for any reason, please write us a little note and we will try to pick matching stones (as close as possible). The cabs have a size tolerance of about 0.15-0.30mm (this is how much they can vary from stone to stone).

Dimensions: 10mm x 14mm

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Great Price, Great product

Written by Mrs. Claire E. Will on 19th May 2014

The stones available are as they state, great colour, clarity and even in shape and form. Some sellers supply natural stones that still require shaping, smoothing etc. Not these stones, you could drop them in place saving time and money. I'll happily continuing to purchase from metalclay.co.uk as I know I'll always get great service, speedy delivery and gain happier customers in the long term.

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