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PasteMaker is one of those must-have products for any metal clay artist, we absolutely love it and use it all the time in our studio. Works with all metal clay types and brands, including sterling, fine silver, bronze, and copper. Use it to make your own "Oil Paste" to give extra strong bonds when pasting and sticking metal clay together (eve when fired). Use it to saturate and rehydrate dry clay. And, of course, as the name implies, use it to make enhanced, smooth, strong, and creamy metal clay paste or slip.

If you've taken a class with Wanaree Tanner or Joy Funnell you have probably already experienced yourself how amazing this product is.

PasteMaker contains a saturant which aids connections - it almost "melts" the surfaces of dry clay to dry clay, wet to dry, and reinforces joins between wet to wet. The PasteMaker turns your clay into what feels like magical super-glue and gives you incredible bonds, helping you with repairs, or complicated sculptural work where you "build" your design combining many parts (whether these are dry or still in clay stage).

Use it on its own, instead of water, to soften and join leather-hard, bone-dry, and fired clay shapes. Just add a drop or two between your base shape and the design you want to apply - no mess and less clean-up time needed!

If you work with bronze and copper clay, this is great for making your own paste with the right colour and metal to match your clay. Just mix the PasteMaker with a little clay and you have a super-strong paste perfect for joins and attachments on damp, leather-hard and bone dry clay. It also works great for repairing fired pieces.

Click on the tab above and read the reviews to see what other people have to say about it - so far, we haven't met anyone who hasn't fallen in love with it when they try it!


Use it on its own; simply saturate the back of the piece you want to attach with a drop or two of Sherri Haab's PasteMaker, wait until it softens, then place the saturated piece on to the base shape. Press firmly but hold still - this will give an excellent bond, and a clean join.

To make your own Oil Paste; mix 6-10 drops with a tiny little pea-sized piece of clay, blend with a spatula until you have a smooth creamy consistency. Store the paste in an air tight container and use PasteMaker to dilute it if it dries up.  I find it works best to make it up as you go. Because I'm impatient and like things to be easy, I just pinch off a little of the clay I am working with, put it on the corner of my working tile, add a drop or two of PasteMaker at a time, and then smoosh! It takes not even a minute, and I just make up more up as I need it. The PasteMaker does the job so well, it stays close to my working tile at all times! - Petra

Use the paste for attaching leather hard/greenware, bone dry, or fired clay pieces. It really holds the clay in place, where you put it - ideal for fine and detailed construction work!


  • Smoother, more friendly paste texture
  • Saturates dry clay to give secure and strong bonds
  • Apply thicker coats than with water based slip with no problems
  • Very slight gel-like viscosity for more controlled application
  • Less brittle in dried state than water based - joins stay held together unlike with traditional Oil Paste
  • Retains flexibility so it clings to repairs on fired and unfired clay
  • Retains its texture because it doesn't evaporate as quickly as water based slip 
Contains 30ml of solution.  
This is a non-toxic solution.

Reviews (7)

wonderful product

Written by Anca Crahmaliuc on 5th Oct 2020

This product is a splendid solution to join metalclay pieces. It works very well with silver and also with base metals. O used it with bronze and I am happy with the results.

Can't be without

Written by Anna on 14th Apr 2019

This is a fantastic product that I wouldn't be without. So effective and easy to use. You can add a few drops to a dried up paste pot to bring it back to life or make new paste with your dried out dust. The paste is very effective for joining pieces together, filling in cracks and painting on designs. Thanks you Metal Clay for stocking it in the UK for us.

Sheeri Haab Pastemaker

Written by steph on 25th Apr 2018

This is great! I love the consistency I can get using this product with my PMC clay particularly when painting designs.

Good product

Written by Jess on 23rd Apr 2018

Does what it says on the tin. Makes nice paste for filling cracks, mending and finishing.


Written by Ionescu Janeta on 13th Apr 2016

I do not know this product but am very excited to use it .

Can't do without it

Written by Nana Nielsen on 13th Jan 2016

I use it always when joining both wet and dry pieces - I never use just water anymore. I believe my joins are much stronger as a result and one bottle lasts for a very long time.

surprisingly good

Written by Gordon on 8th Nov 2015

I actually thought this was going to be one of those gimmicky products that you don't really need because you can just add water to make slip. What a find! I store my slip in tiny jars, a few drops of this and the slip stays wet and has a lovely glue/paste consistency without drying out. I've also found it gives the slip a longer working time. Just for an experiment I added a few drops to a dried out piece of copper clay and worked it in. It worked, the clay was malleable again (though a little sticky, think that was a matter of working out how much to add) highly recommend paste maker to any metal clay artist

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