Silver Open Bezel Round - 3mm - 5pcs

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NEW! Let light shine through your stone and make it sparkle!

Our new bottomless bezel cups have an empty base, and a slightly chamfered edge at the top, allowing a 3mm Ø cut gemstone to sit nicely in place. There’s enough material at the top to close the bezel over the edge of the stone.

Embed in clay with a fireable stone, or embed the bezel and set a stone after. You can also solder the bezel to a fired piece.

To ensure light can shine through both ends of the stone, either drill a hole the same size into your piece to slot the bezel into, or a smaller hole in the centre of where the bezel will be embedded/soldered into place.

Please note it’s advised to set all stones including fireable ones after soldering, as they could be damaged by direct heat.

Size: 3mm Inner Diameter Ø x 3.5mm Outer Diameter Ø x 2mm H

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