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Fabulous clay shaping blade!

This very thin and extremely sharp blade is used to cut straight shapes in your clay. I recommend you set a strip of masking tape or similar on the blunt side to stop you picking it up the wrong side up.

Wipe clean after use. Don't clean with water as it is prone to rusting, your blade will love you if you wipe it clean after each use and smooth in a little mineral oil to coat the surface every now and then.

We also have a great set of tissue blades, the Super Slicer set, which comes with a selection of different types of blades with a clever handle - read more about it here.

Approximately 155mm long and 18mm wide.


*Tissue blades are made out of carbon steel, which is heat treated. Oil tarnish marks are part of the manufacturing process. This does not effect the quality or performance.*

Reviews (15)

sharp little blade does good

Written by Jo on 11th Oct 2020

Love this little tissue blade. It makes cutting excess clay easy when it comes to those straight lines! I haven't lost any digits but I am aware how sharp it is - honestly just extremely minor cuts lol

Tissue blade

Written by Anita Green on 9th Oct 2017

I was thrilled to find this tissue blade for sale and one called a super sharp one at that. I eagerly received it, but kept it packaged as I was heading away for a weekend tutorial. Imagine both my disappointment and ire to discover it wasn't even capable of cutting through Kato Polymer Clay. Very disappointed in this one product. I also bought the kidney shaped blade, but have not used yet, so will review when I have. I enjoy using your store, and although this will not put me off, it has somewhat unsettled me. **RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY** Thank you for your feedback Anita and we're sorry to hear you're disappointed with this product. We use the tissue blades often in our studio and classes and have never experienced this problem. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the super sharp side and the blunt side so we recommend setting a strip of masking tape or similar on the blunt side to stop you picking it up the wrong side up. Please email us at support@metalclay.co.uk and hopefully we can help you sort out a solution to the problem.

Tissue blades

Written by Janet on 26th Sep 2017

I bought these tissue blades from metal clay ltd for my polymer clay and not only did they arrive quickly they are very sharp and at a great price and perfect for the cutting and slicing of my polymer clay projects. I will certainly be getting all my items for my polymer clay hobby from metal clay Ltd.

tissue blade

Written by undefined on 5th Mar 2016

I'm very pleased with my tissue blade, the delivery was very quick


Written by Lesley on 2nd Jan 2016

Quick delivery, superb quality, just the tool for the job!

Works great

Written by Mrs L on 26th Jul 2015

Nice thin blade, using it for polymer clay, works really well


Written by Gail Szentpeteri on 7th Jan 2015

Excellent item does what it says on the tin


Written by undefined on 24th Apr 2014

Good to use - doesn't drag the clay

It cuts

Written by undefined on 20th Feb 2014

It cuts, I keep mine oiled with olive oil to avoid rust, and its a good idea to put some electrical tape or something on the blunt side so you know which side to grab, other than that it cuts... :)

Tissue Blades

Written by Kathleen Jackson on 15th Feb 2014

Blades are nice and sharp although there is some discolouration on some of them.


Written by viv5645 on 30th Nov 2013

Worth every penny, but put some masking tape or similar on the blunt side else you might end up with scrubbed fingers when you grab it quick! I keep mine in a (ex-geometry set) tin with paper towel and use a bit of oil which the towels absorb.

Great Sharp Blade

Written by Mojo on 9th Oct 2013

A nice long sharp blade. I use it for cutting out silver clay rings and it cuts a good clean line . I would like to see a little plastic guard to protect the blade. I rub a little oil carefully! over the bade and keep it in the plastic bag and it has not shown signs of rust. But a handy tool for the price.

Nice blade, a good one to start with

Written by Helen Foster-Turner on 2nd Oct 2013

This blade is sharp and a good weight but as it says above, it is prone to rust. It is probably best for polymer clay as it is water free. With care it can last and last but if you are not quite as diligent with your tool care and use it for metal clay you might be disappointed.

Best blades i've found anywhere!

Written by undefined on 11th Sep 2013

I've bought blades from all sorts of places, trying to ensure I've secured the best out there including most of the top-branded ones as well as those produced by clay artists. Well....these little great value beauties are super fine and sharp and have just the right amount of flexibility with strength for the jobs required when working with various clay types. I'm going to stick with these from now on and stock-up with spares, as they're so much better than all the others I've tried!

very sharp

Written by Rhi on 29th Nov 2012

this tissue blade is extremely sharp so caution is needed when using it. I use it for slicing through polymer clay which it does very well (both uncured and cured clay). This product would benefit from coming with a guard for the blade

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