Ultra-Smooth Casting Investment Powder - 1lb Box

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Ultra-Smooth Casting Investment Powder

Use this easy to mix Ultra Smooth Casting Powder to cast ring pellet sizers for metal clay rings, bezel placeholder for cabochons or other bezel components.


  • To create a placeholder for a bezel set stone, create a bezel for your chosen stone. Check the stone fits well - it should be snug, but come out of the bezel easily. However there shouldn’t be gaps around the stone.
  • The bezel can be pressed into the clay (careful not to go too deep or it will tear during firing, make sure it’s at least 1.2mm (5 cards) thick for a pressed in bezel), or set the bezel on top of the clay and add a rope of syringe clay around the bezel to keep it in place. 
  • Cut away most of the clay inside the bezel, while leaving enough for a rim to hold the stone in place so it does not fall through. 
  • Press the stone back into the setting carefully, and let the clay dry to leather hard with the stone in place.
  • Once dry, remove the stone by pressing it out from the back very carefully with a tool that that won't damage the stone, or use a wax stick to lift the stone from the front.
  • Mix enough investment to fill the space, pour investment into the cavity. Allow to dry completely before firing in place. 
  • Once your piece has cooled, dissolve the investment in water. Then your piece is ready to finish and polish as usual.

- Do not breathe in the investment powder - contains silica.  We recommend always wearing a mask when using casting powder. 

**Please Note** Do not pour unused casting powder down the drain. It will stick to your pipes and cause a blockage. Instead, wipe out your freshly used mixing container with a damp paper towel, or rinse off your container outside. 

Contains 1lb (453g)

Instructions included inside the box - please follow the side which does not mention containing silica.

Click here for SDS information.


Ring Pellet Moulds available here.

Click here for instructions on using with Ring Pellet moulds.

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