Art Clay™️ Bronze Clay - NEW!!

Art Clay™️ Bronze Clay - NEW!!

Posted by Metal Clay on 9th Mar 2022

Have you seen the NEW Art Clay Bronze Clay?

This is a lovely creamy clay that stays workable for a long time, which can be used for jewellery, craft designs, sculptures, and models.


Art Clay Bronze is creamy, pliable, and workable straight out of the packet.

It stays pliable with a great consistency for a long time.

It dries hard and solid, with little flexibility.

Shrinkage approximately 10-13%

It polishes up to a stunning gold colour. Just using a stainless steel brush gives a lovely soft golden shine.

Once fired, Art Clay Bronze is an alloy of 90% Copper 90% and 10% Tin. In the clay stage 90% is copper/tin and the remaining 10% is binder and water.

Shrinkage: Approx.10%-13% in length

Size: 50g (2 individually wrapped 25g pieces)


"The Art Clay Bronze has a lovely creamy consistency, straight out of the packet it is very workable and smooth. It takes texture beautifully and has a very good working time in the wet clay stage. It dries evenly both with and without heat, with no warping.

Firing was straight forward. I used coconut carbon and I fired at a ramp speed of 900℃. For my larger piece (about 40gm) I extended the firing with 40 minutes longer than recommended. I quenched my pieces once the kiln had cooled to around 500℃ and there was no sign of any fire scale, just natural patina.

You can achieve a lovely yellow gold semi-matt finish with just a steel brush. No pickling required. A high shine can be achieved with tumbling followed by 3M Polishing Papers or 3M Radial discs for a mirror shine." - Jade Cameron, Metal Clay Ltd

"My overall impression of Art Clay Bronze is that it handles beautifully smooth with no or very little odour. It picks up texture very clearly with sharp definition that is maintained after firing. I was impressed with how it fired with no warping, and I’m completely enamoured with the golden smooth quality of the polish and finish that can be achieved." - Tracey Spurgin, Craftworx

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