Art Clay is 100% recycled eco-silver!

Art Clay is 100% recycled eco-silver!

Posted by petra cameron on 25th Mar 2022

Art Clay Silver - the recycled eco-silver you can shape with your fingers!

Aida, the manufacturer of Art Clay Silver, has been recycling precious metals as an alternative solution to exhausting naturally occurring mineral resources since 1963.

recycling-process-of-precious-metal-for-art-clay-silver.pngThe silver used for Art Clay Silver is 100% recycled.

Aida collect waste and recycle it into pure gold or silver (99.99%), platinum and palladium.

When Petra (the owner of Metal Clay Ltd) visited their factory outside Tokyo many years ago, she witnessed herself how old X-ray plates and film negatives were used. It is an absolutely fascinating process!

Once the silver is recycled it is turned into bars, which are then laser blasted into micron sized dust, which is mixed with organic binders and water to turn it into magic!

This gives us Art Clay Silver - the clay-like material which is in fact pure silver. We can shape it just like modelling clay, and once fired, we're left with real silver!

So, it feels like moulding putty, but once you've dried it and added heat you are left with real, pure, fine or sterling silver. Alchemy magic!

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