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"Made to Adore" Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial

"Made to Adore" – Double Charm Kumihimo Bracelet

Shopping List

5m of waxed cotton (natural SCC01NA288 & brown SCC01BR288) £1.25

1 x River Stone Blank (IAD13160) £1.10

1 x Blank Circle with hole (IAD13207P) £0.90

1 x Scarlett’s Signature 2.5mm (SC1318-2.5mm) £37.95

1 x Lace Heart Stamp 6mm (SC158-H-6mm) £6.95

1 x Whimsy Heart 3mm (SC158-K-3mm) £6.95

1 x Hammer Ball Pien 4oz (HAM01) £3.25

1 x Steel Bench Block (V-BB44) £9.95

8 x Sterling Silver Round Beads 3mm (SRB3) £1.20

1 x Kumihimo Disk (KD603)£3.20

1 x Hasulith Jewellery Glue £2.95 (HASU-JG)

1 x Jump Ring £0.37 (K0002)


Step by Step instructions;

  • 1. Creating your plaited loop; cut four equal length threads. Gather all four threads, mark the centre point using a spare piece of thread and temporarily secure with a single knot.
  • 2. Plait approx. 1 ½ inch down from your centre point, bend this over into a loop, by wrapping it around a pencil. You now have all eight threads that you need for your Kumihimo disk.
  • 3. Push your eight threads through to the back of the disc leaving your pencil as a weight and anchor holding the plaited loop on the back of the disk.
  • 4. Follow your Kumihimo Disk instructions.
  • 5. To tie off your braid; remove all threads from the disk and secure the ends with a spare bit of thread. Take a piece of your waxed cotton and wrap the end, secure the two ends of the wrap with a small blob of jewellery glue. Knot the eight threads together to create one big knot (this will act as a clasp with the loop to secure the bracelet). Add beads for decoration and knot to secure.
  • 6. Stamp your blanks. Use masking tape to secure your blank to the bench block. Use the tape as a guide to align your letters. Add optional gilding wax or liquid. Add a jump ring with the backs of your blanks against each other and attach to your braid. 
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