Carving Tool - V-Shape

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This carver has a very sharp v-shaped tip, perfect for giving you clean cuts and crisp lines. Use on dry clay to carve designs and patterns or use on our rubber sheet to carve your own custom texture.

Reviews (2)

Much better than I was expecting at the price

Written by Boo's Jewellery on 28th Nov 2016

I work quite a lot in base metal clays and and wanted to carve some details into dry clay. Not knowing if I'd be any good at it, I didn't want to spend the price of the known brands of good quality carving tools just to give it a try. The photos of this are a little deceptive, in that the point carves much finer than it looks like it will. The tool is labelled as 1.5mm and is a V shape cut. Maybe the size of the surround will impede vision in some designs compared to finer tools. I've been very happy with the results Ive had from it so far, it is much better than I was expecting at the price, I can achieve clean, even depth cuts with good control and it's sharp enough to taper cuts to nothing. Time will tell how long it stays sharp, but at this price, I won't mind replacing it periodically.


Written by undefined on 16th Jun 2012

I wanted to try carving metal clay without spending a fortune on tools, so this carver seemed to be the ideal solution. I've used it once and am pleased with it. Carving is a little harder than I thought it would be and learning to use this tool properly will take practice. Good quality for the price and a great intro to carving.

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