Dockyard Micro Carving Tools - 1.5mm Carving Tool Set of 5

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These micro-sized professional quality carving tools were designed for wood carving, but are absolutely fantastic for carving into leather-hard metal clay, baked polymer clay, rubber, and linoleum. Carving tools create deep, bold textures on clay, making them great for enamelling, patina, and other colour finishes to your jewellery. All carving tool handles are made from cherry wood, shaped in an ergonomic hexagon shape to give a good grip, and stop them rolling off your table!

Dockyard Carving tools aren't just ideal for carving metal clay and cured polymer clay - they can also be used to make your own personalised texture sheets, by carving into sheets made out of cured polymer clay, linoleum, or rubber.

This set includes one of each of the 1.5mm tools (the smallest size made):

  • Deep Plough - 1.5mm
  • Paring Tool - 1.5mm
  • V-shaped Tool 90° - 1.5mm
  • U-Gouge Tool - 1.5mm
  • Skew Tool - 1.5mm

We understand it can be hard to know which tool you need when you start out. Here is a list of the different Dockyard tools we carry, and what they are used for:

  • U-gouge (Sometimes called gouge tool) carves a U-shaped cut.
  • V-shaped tool (Sometimes called V-gouge, V-parting, or V tool) carves a V-shaped cut. The 90-degree angle cut looks like a L rather than a narrow V.
  • Plough tool (Sometimes called plough chisel or single bevel chisel) is a single-bevel chisel that can make very deep cuts quickly (use a light touch to avoid removing too much clay).
  • Paring tool (Sometimes called paring chisel or double bevel chisel) is a double-bevel chisel that can carve very fine lines. This tool is only sold as part of the 1.5mm set.
  • Skew tool (Sometimes called skew chisel or angled chisel) is an angled double-bevel chisel. Used with a very light touch, it's great for cleaning up tiny bits of oozed-out slip or light imperfections.

SAFETY NOTE: Always carve away from your hands, and keep away from children - these tools are extremely sharp!!


  • To get used to how these tools work, we suggest you start carving on scrap material.
  • Don't try to carve too deep, it's better to do several shallow cuts. Carving too deep can cause your tool to get stuck or damage the tip.
  • These are precision hand tools. Don't pry or twist into the material you're carving. Don't use them with a hammer, or excessive force.

Tool size: Approx 13.5cm x 1cm

Dockyard carving tools available individually here.

For information on sharpening, please see our Sharpening Strop here.

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Great product and sharp

Written by John on 8th May 2020

I purchased these tools for whittling based on a recommendation from the USA. They are very useful for those little fiddly bits. They are very sharp. The v tool is especially useful . The wallet and sharpening kit would add to the tools but it all gets a bit expensive. Great buy.

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