Dockyard - Sharpening Strop Set for Micro Carving Tools

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The sharpening strop and compound to keep your Dockyard carving tools razor sharp and burr-free. All carving tools require regular sharpening, this kit makes that very easy.

Designed to sharpen both the outer edge and the inner edge of each Dockyard carving tool shape, it’s easy to sharpen tools with minimal effort, as the compound sharpens tools, not the wood.

With this strop, you can sharpen all of the following Dockyard carving tool shapes: Gouge (1.5, 2, 3, 4.5mm), 75° V Tool, 90° V Tools (1.5, 2, 3mm)

Set includes: Wooden strop, compound (2 oz), application brush, and denim case.


  • Apply the strop compound with the included brush to the raised and recessed strip for the tool you would like to sharpen.
  • To sharpen the inside of the carving tool and remove burrs, pull the tool (dragging the sharp edge) along the raised section.
  • To sharpen the outside of Gouge Tools, raise the handle up to make approx. a 20° angle with the groove in the strop, so the tool is in contact with the compound.
  • Rotate the cutting edge as you pull it down the groove to contact all points on the cutting surface.
  • To sharpen the outside of V Tools, use the flat bottomed groove at the end of the strop.
  • Position the handle at a 20° angle so the cutting surface on one side of the V tool is in contact with the compound.
  • Then pull the tool down the groove, sharpening one side at a time.

Size of strop: 14cm x 7.7cm

Please note: Never use sharpening stones for this sharpening process, as they are too coarse and will cut through the highly polished finish and reduce the sharpness.

Dockyard carving tools available here.

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