JoolTool Essentials: 3M Radial Bristle Brush 3” - 6-ply, Red 220 Grit

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JoolTool 3M 6-ply Radial Brush, 220 grit.

This is a perfect alternative to a wire brush!  Use this versatile 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ 3″ brush on any metal & wood for sanding, cleaning, texturising and polishing. Polish jewellery and necklaces, add a brushed finish to watch bands & bracelets, car parts, sand wood and a whole lot more!

Automotive applications: Cleans fine firescale & fine rust, gives a brushed finish. Also removes fine burrs and oxides.

Jewellery applications: Gives a fine brushed texture (similar to Rolex watch bands). Also masks scratches with this brushed finish. Great for giving a distinctive look to art clay pieces.

Woodworking applications: Sets fine wood grain. Sands to a fine grain. Ideal for fine, detailed carvings.

Home improvement & Hobby applications: Removes very thin paint, fine rust specs, cleans light tarnish on metal household items. Gives a very fine brushed texture to door handles, etc. Perfect for model making, & more. Cleans oxidation from copper wires!

They require minimal pressure and easily conform to tight areas, crevices and contoured parts. Minerals embedded in their flexible thermoplastic composition replace the need for any rouge or compound. Use dry, no water needed.

1 Radial brush included

We also have a 3" Radial Brush Kit available here.

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