JoolTool Essentials: Heavy Duty Grinding & Texturing Abrasive 3"

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3M Heavy Duty Grinding and Texturing Super Abrasives.

This aggressive heavy duty grinding 3M™ abrasive is perfect for applications requiring a heavy bite. Originally designed for Heavy-Duty Industrial applications, JoolTool offers you these 3M SuperAbrasives so you can tackle the toughest projects. 

Available in 4 grades on the coarse side of the Shine Scale: 36, 60, 80, 120 grit.

JEWELLERY applications
Apply coarse textures to any metal: steel, copper, aluminum, copper, brass and more! Also great for grinding sprues from raw castings, shaping the shank of a ring. Quickly takes down excess solder.

WOODWORKING applications
Regrinds stainless steel and tool steel edges that have been worn out. sharpen large drill bits, chisels, woodturning tools, etc. Its aggressive bite & non-loading properties are ideal for sanding wood as well as for use on various non-ferrous & tool steels.

AUTOMOTIVE applications
Perfect for sharpening cold chisels, punches and reshaping metal, grinding down tube ends or for any custom metal fabrication. Super durable construction is great for a production environment.

Comes individual unmounted replacement discs, or as a set of all 4 grits, mounted on back pads (with cushions) or unmounted. 

Choose between;

  • 36 grit - XX COARSE
  • 60 grit - X COARSE
  • 80 grit - MEDIUM COARSE
  • 120 grit -  COARSE
  • Combo set of all 4 grits, on backpads
  • Combo set of all 4 grits, unmounted

Please note: the abrasives you'll receive may have a slightly different colour to the picture shown, as they are part of the early release from JoolTool. Anie has confirmed it is exactly the same product apart from the colour. The unmounted discs will require backpads and cushions, JoolTool recommend the bumpon cushions.

• Super aggressive and fast cutting action
• Durable Heavy-Duty X-Weight Cloth backing
• Aluminium oxide abrasive cuts fast, has a long life, and performs well on many surfaces
• Resin bond protects the disc from heat damage, extending the life of the disc
• Can be used for both wet and dry applications




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