Prometheus White Bronze Clay - Rapid & Low Fire

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Prometheus® White Bronze comes pre-mixed and contains no nickel. It can easily be combined with Prometheus Copper and/or Prometheus Bronze. 

Use the syringe to decorate your clay with squiggles and lines, to create little bezels to set lab created stones in, or on its own to make hollow filigree like designs. Keep your syringes standing in a glass of water when you're not using them. Remember to put it back as soon as you finish so the tip doesn't dry out.

This clay shrinks between 6%-11% based on firing methods.

** PLEASE NOTE ** - Although this is the firing schedule recommended by the manufacturer, firing the White Bronze is not as straight forward as silver clay and can be a bit tricky. We advise firing a couple of test strips first to ensure your pieces are sintering properly. If your piece is still a dark charcoal grey after firing, it has not sintered fully. We also recommend only firing one or two pieces at a time and make sure they are well covered with carbon. Use a steel firing container with a tight fitting lid.


Prometheus® White Bronze Clay has a 2-stage firing:

  1. Place your dried piece(s) onto stainless steel mesh, and into a cold kiln
  2. Wait for the kiln to heat up to 500°C/932°F and fire for 15 minutes
  3. Once finished, remove the piece and leave to cool on a heatproof surface
  4. Preheat your kiln to 770°C / 1420°F
  5. Pour 3cm of activated carbon into a steel container, and place pieces at least 1.5cm apart
  6. Thoroughly cover with activated carbon, and place steel container inside the kiln
  7. Wait for the kiln to heat back up to temperature, and fire for 2 hour
  8. Once finished, remove the piece and leave to cool on a heatproof surface

You can combine Prometheus White Bronze with Prometheus Bronze and Prometheus Copper and fire with the same firing schedule. Please note that at this firing schedule, shrinkage of the White Bronze Clay is 10-11%, Prometheus Bronze is 13%, and Prometheus Copper is 9-10%.

* Available in 50g, 100g, 200g and also in a 10g syringe here * 

Reviews (2)

Prometheus sterling bronze clay

Written by Jane on 28th Feb 2018

I have had no luck with this product , even with the proper tools (firing tin etc) Each time I spend hours shaping , moulding ,firing , following the makers instructions exactly it always breaks . This is very disappointing and loads of money wasted . I have even contacted the manufacturers on this and they couldn't come up with an answer , they did send me some free clay but the same happened . I have put one star but it's not even worth that .

Prometheus White Bronze clay

Written by Lyndsay Lawless on 9th Jan 2018

Having now wasted 60 grams , I'm giving up on white bronze clay. I just can't get it to sinter, each piece remains powder inside whilst balling on the surface. As the manufacturer's firing instructions didn't work, I've tried temp ranges from 760 to 820 c in 10 c increments for both 2 and 3 hours firing in a container with magic carbon with absolutely no success.

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