Base Metals

We stock an extensive range of base metal clays stretching across several brands. You can now create using copper, bronze, iron and brass in a multitude of different colours and shades! Most base metal clays (apart from Art Clay Copper) need to be fired in a kiln in an oxygen starved environment (using a firing pan and carbon).

For success, test, test, and test again - you will need to make test strips when working with most base metals to ensure you find the correct firing schedule for the clay you're using and your kiln. The firing schedules for base metal clays vary depending on the brand and metal, and are all just recommendations. You need to test your kiln to find the ideal schedule. 

Did you know we also stock embeddable copper and bronze findings?
'Embeddable' means you can add them to your clay in the wet stage and fire all at once! Click here to see our full range of embeddable findings.