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500g pack of mixed stainless steel shot for use when tumbling.

In the mix you get balls, planetoids, and large pins. *Please note: the pins have sharp pointed ends that will dull with use. If you prefer a shot that does not include pins - have a look at our Premium Stainless Steel Shot

The shapes are 100% stainless steel. However, even stainless steel can rust if not looked after properly (there are many different types of stainless steel, despite common belief some can rust and some are magnetic!). To best care for your shot and to keep it clean and rust free, give it a light rinse after use and keep it completely immersed in water with a little barreling compound. Some people prefer to clean and dry the shot between each use; I don't as it takes far too long - as long as the shot is always kept totally covered by water, you won't have any problems at all.

For the best results, your barrel should be 50-75% full once jewellery, shot, and water has been added to get the best polishing action.

Sometimes called tumbler shot or barreling shot.

If you're tumbling silver which has been antiqued with liver of sulphur or pickled (maybe you balled up headpins, or soldered something, and then pickled the piece), I really recommend you clean and neutralise your piece carefully. Warm water and a little soap on a soft brush, followed by rubbing the piece in a little bicarbonate of soda mixed with water, and finally rinse.

This is how we use our tumbler normally:

  1. Open the barrel (if I'm using the plastic barrell I put the lid-end in HOT water first to soften it), drain out most of the old water which my shot has been sitting in.
  2. Fill with a little water from the tap, swirl the shot around, pour out most of the water (if it looks very grey and scummy; repeat this step)
  3. Fill to slightly less than half full with clean water
  4. Add about 0.5-1 teaspoon of barrelling compound (depending on size of barrell and your water - we have extremely hard water so I use a little more than others)
  5. Add the metal to be polished
  6. Replace the lid (if using the plastic barrell, put the lid in hot water before replacing it)
  7. Tumble for an hour or more. Until you know how to long to tumble, take your pieces out every hour and check.
  8. When happy with the finish, take out your sparkly pieces!
  9. Make sure the shot is completely covered by the water, and leave until next time! If the water looks very dirty and messy I replace some with fresh water until it covers the shot, add 0.5 teaspoon of compound, shake until dissolved.

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Great product

Written by SommerTheobald on 24th Oct 2020

This works really well in my tumbler that I bought. The silver pieces come out great.

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