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1 kilo pack of mixed stainless steel shot for use when tumbling.

In the mix you get balls, planetoids, and large pins. *Please note: the pins have sharp pointed ends that will dull with use. If you prefer a shot that does not include pins - have a look at our Premium Stainless Steel Shot

The shapes are 100% stainless steel. However, even stainless steel can rust if not looked after properly (there are many different types of stainless steel, despite common belief some can rust and some are magnetic!). To best care for your shot and to keep it clean and rust free, give it a light rinse after use and keep it completely immersed in water with a little barreling compound. Some people prefer to clean and dry the shot between each use; I don't as it takes far too long - as long as the shot is always kept totally covered by water, you won't have any problems at all.

This is one whole kilo of shot, so enough for a 3lb barrel. For the best results, your barrel should be 50-75% full once jewellery, shot, and water has been added to get the best polishing action.

Sometimes called tumbler shot or barreling shot.

If you're tumbling silver which has been antiqued with liver of sulphur or pickled (maybe you balled up headpins, or soldered something, and then pickled the piece), I really recommend you clean and neutralise your piece carefully. Warm water and a little soap on a soft brush, followed by rubbing the piece in a little bicarbonate of soda mixed with water, and finally rinse.

This is how we use our tumbler normally:

  1. Open the barrel (if I'm using the plastic barrell I put the lid-end in HOT water first to soften it), drain out most of the old water which my shot has been sitting in.
  2. Fill with a little water from the tap, swirl the shot around, pour out most of the water (if it looks very grey and scummy; repeat this step)
  3. Fill to slightly less than half full with clean water
  4. Add about 0.5-1 teaspoon of barrelling compound (depending on size of barrell and your water - we have extremely hard water so I use a little more than others)
  5. Add the metal to be polished
  6. Replace the lid (if using the plastic barrell, put the lid in hot water before replacing it)
  7. Tumble for an hour or more. Until you know how to long to tumble, take your pieces out every hour and check.
  8. When happy with the finish, take out your sparkly pieces!
  9. Make sure the shot is completely covered by the water, and leave until next time! If the water looks very dirty and messy I replace some with fresh water until it covers the shot, add 0.5 teaspoon of compound, shake until dissolved.

Reviews (11)

Stainless Steel Shot

Written by Ilmmz on 23rd Jan 2017

Wonderfully prompt delivery. I bought this particular shot as I wanted small diameter balls to polish intricate pieces and indeed the balls very in size from small to tiny and plenetoids, they do an excellent job however the pins are not so good they are thin and sharp and wedged themselves into tubes and many could not be removed so destroyed the pieces and they left pitting on flat pieces, to solve this I painstakingly removed all the pins which left me with approx 500g of shot which works well, but I wish I had been able to purchase the balls without the pins.

Brilliant product

Written by undefined on 29th Jun 2016

Having got in a complete mess with steel shot, it was suggested to me to try stainless steel shot. It is amazing! It stays clean and shiny, doesn't rust and all the "bits" are a sensible size and shape - I had to remove some pieces from my steel shot because they caused scratches! Buy this product, you won't regret it.

Best quality stainless, while in the same time, suitable size for fine jewlery

Written by A.C.A. (Romania) on 5th Apr 2016

This is a very good quality stainless steel! Not some low quality, imported from Asia which many shops bringing in, those days and presenting as highest quality stainless steel. The quality was obvious as I couldn't find many chips or leavings from the production phase in it. As well, after I tumbled that kilo w/o jewelries, for a half hour, were good to go, clean and shiny. Did you ever compared the size of Metal Clay offered steel shots, with those offered by others? I mean, did you ever wonder if possible that 5 mm and 4 mm balls and pins, offered by most of the shops, can get inside a small loops of 2mm, or in between links of 1mm chain diameter, and do a proper tarnish remove job? You are right, because those product can't remove said tarnish from the finest jewelries, due to their large size compared with the details of the pieces to be tumbled. Their effect is visible on largest pieces, but for small ones are almost useless. But the amazing mix from Metal Clay, contains balls and pins and planetoids, so small, 1mm, 2mm that can enter in any nooks and crannies of even most intricate and fine jewelry imaginable. Of course, there are also larger size shots, 3, 4 and 5, but the majority is of those finest dimension. As a person search for a month for a good deal, found out, that fine dimension steel shots, come with double price, than those of 4, 5 and 6 mm diameter. You can now figure it out, why the offer from Metal Clay of 1 Kg of those steel shots with only 29.95£ it’s a steal! If you didn’t, you will end up with a useless mass of shots of 4,5 and 6 mm which cannot do a proper job and then you will buy small shots to add to the already bought mix, for which you will pay double. That will translate for you into a financial waste and lots of material you will barely use, if ever.


Written by TamsynAmber on 23rd Aug 2014

This is my first forray in to tumbling so I wasn't sure what to get or expect. I did a lot of digging around on the internet at various supplies and decided to go for all the items I needed from MetalClay as they have such good customer service. The shot worked really well with the copper clay peices I have been tumbling. Tumbled for a hour and they came out super shiny. There are no sharp bits and there are plenty of different shapes and sizes. I did sieve the shot before I washed it to check none would go through the sive I used for washing it prior to use and there were a few very, very tiny, microscopic pieces that came through which I took out as they would have ended up down the sink. I'm very pleased with this product. Thanks MetalClay!

Very good product.

Written by Ana Townsend on 16th Dec 2013

This product used with the mini tumbler, produces fantastic results.

Does all the hard work

Written by Jan on 5th Aug 2013

Remember to block small bead holes etc with a pipe cleaner. Pieces look so polished when finished off with this shot in a tumbler.


Written by Andreea on 29th Jun 2013

Very pleased with this product so far

Not too sure....

Written by Kate on 1st May 2013

I have only had this for a couple of days so will give it a bit more of a chance but I am not sure if it's that I don't like it or, or just that it so different to my previous shot that it is going to take some getting used to. It is a lot smaller with many of the pieces being the size of poppy seeds....poppy seeds which ping and bounce everywhere when I am decanting the shot after tumbling. I have used it on sterling silver & it did give a nice soft polish (with barrelling compound) but not the lovely shiny mirror finish I am used to. When used on ArtClay Copper it didn't smooth the finish as much as my previous shot did - it was almost pitted in some places. Still, a great price (my other supplier was charging £80 for SSS) so I will persevere.


Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2013

Good value and works very well. My pieces came out gleaming.

Excellent product

Written by Sophie Marie Smith on 28th Mar 2013

Good price and works wonderfully with tumbler A+++

Good value and works well

Written by Kim on 18th Mar 2013

Very pleased with the mixed shot which I found to be a good price, compared with other suppliers.

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