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NEW DESIGN - This is fab, liver of sulphur in a stabilized gel form!

It is a convenient, economical, and easy way to use liver of sulphur. The best thing about the XL Patina Gel is that it doesn't degrade in light or air the way the lump form or liquid liver of sulphur does. As you're probably aware, liver of sulphur in chunk form is very unstable and goes dead in a few hours if left uncovered or exposed to light. Not this - the XL Gel will remain fresh even if you've forgotten to put the lid on.

To test the shelf life of XL Gel, a sample container was left uncovered. After a year a thin skin had formed on the surface. The skin was stirred into the gel, and it was mixed up with water. The aged Patina Gel performed identical to another batch made from fresh Patina Gel (we still recommend you keep the lid on, in particular to keep the XL Gel clean!).

XL Patina Gel is economical to use. With the clever flip-top dropper, you will only use what you need. No more digging for the "right sized chunk" or wasting pieces that are too large. No more throwing out a whole container because the lid was not on just right. It's always fresh and always ready to use, and just a 1/4 teaspoon of the gel is enough to make 177ml of strong patina solution. Try using it straight from the container, by brushing it on and then dipping the piece in hot water. Or use it in the traditional way by mixing a little in some hot water. XL Gel is safe and non-flammable so is safe for international shipping. New design - a clever little bottle, smaller, so easier to pack with your tools, and a clever flip-top lid, with a dropper, making it easy to get just the right amount - without a mess!

30ml (1 fl.oz)

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Reviews (26)

Liver of supher gel

Written by Sue Clegg on 5th Feb 2020

Works well and seems to last well

XL gel

Written by Jo on 28th Aug 2019

A fabulous product. Great colours, easy to use and lasts ages.

Stunning results

Written by Spo0kleg on 2nd Jul 2018

I used this product to oxidize a number of 925 sterling silver bracelets, and after polishing them, the results were lovely.

Great result

Written by Anima Mundi Crystals on 26th Jun 2017

Great product at a great price in Europe. The solution stinks but that's the nature of the chemical, better to use it with lots of ventilation or outside.Only a drop of solution is needed to oxidize a lot of metal.Very fast results by adding boiled water.(Better than wasting boiled eggs) Metal Clay Ltd service was great.Product was shipped and arrived very fast.Will definetly come back to buy more.

excellent patina

Written by undefined on 9th Oct 2016

This is an excellent product. My friends have also been using it for years. Not messy, convenient and efficient.

XL Patina Gel

Written by undefined on 26th Apr 2016

It's a great product, the shipping was fast - I'm absolutely satisfied!

What a treat is this substance!

Written by A.C.A. (Romania) on 5th Apr 2016

What a treat this substance is! All the time, the same, consistent result! On copper, bronze, brass and whatnot! Many people doesn't know, that before the liver of sulphur, was offered in small rocks, anhydrous and you had to dissolve a rock into water, you used that for patina an object or two, then in the next minute you had to throw away. God forbid, if you forgot the jar opened, for few hours, because the anhydrous substance draw the water from the atmosphere became a mush and needed to throw away all the jar. Then they came up with a concentrated solution, to which many are so addicted, but they forget to tell you, that after a while, it loost the potency and became weaker and weaker. So bye-bye, consistent results. Now, some people complaining about this quality and strong substance, because it smells! Can you believe how spoiled we became these days? If you don't like to have a consistent and intense patine, just because you have an sensitive olfactory apparatus, then go learn how to patina with the torch and don't waste your money on liver of sulphur at all! Many people are complaining about how the gel isn't coming easy out from the container. They are right, because of the consistency of gel, it is more viscous and doesn't come out, easy. So, the way it is packed doesn't fit with it's physical properties. But that;s it, learn to overcame the difficulties and not only complain! Facing same problem, people complained, I devised a method that I'm using with good results! I unscrew the bottle cap. Then, using a long toothpick I dip it in the gel. Then I wash the toothpick with a drop of gel attached to it, in an 800 grams glass jar filled with hot water. The color from the diluted substance is a very light yellow. But this light yellow solution darken an entire copper cuff in a matter of few seconds. And also 5 or 6 more cuffs in a matter of 10 minutes. After that, it has no power anymore. Liquid from yellowish, turn milky and start and at that phase start smelling of sulphur (rotten eggs) and you need to throw away because doesn't do the job anymore. Bu that chemical seem not to affect the skin as sometimes had on my hands some drops of it, etc. I'm using always and consistent. Not even visible I used something by looking to my plastic bottle, it's so economic. I would recommend anybody is a hightech product. I would love to see on Metal Clay site, also Baldwin's patina, that colors only copper leaving silver intact, very useful for Mokume Gane.


Written by Tania on 26th Mar 2016

perfect product, fast shippment. THANK YOU

Easy to use and has splendid effects.

Written by Hilary Minor on 7th Jan 2016

I have tried this gel, neat, on copper and have been delighted with the result. I dropped a 'blob' of the gel onto copper sheet that I had previously cleaned with fine wire wool. The reaction happened speedily and, around the 'blob' of gel, a halo of deep magenta and cyan blue appeared. I am looking forward to trying it out on sterling silver by dipping in hot water. I appreciate the handy bottle holding a sufficient quantity for a home hobbyist. My order arrived in A1 condition - no leaks and protected in a plastic, press-to-seal, bag.

xl gel patina

Written by Jasna Cossi on 16th Dec 2015

i am an amateur,i do jewelry fof my friends and me only.never tried begore xl but i am very pleased.great product and seller,thanks.

The best product in this category

Written by Kirsten on 5th Apr 2015

I live in Denmark and have a hard time even finding LOS products in my country. So it is great that this product can be shipped safely - and the longer shelf life is an added bonus, as I am an amateur jewellery maker and do not use LOS much. Highly recommended!

XL Gel Patina

Written by Angela on 20th Sep 2014

I usually use a liquid liver of sulphur, this is the first time I have used a gel. The gel is equally as good when mixed with boiling water but not as effective as the liquid when used cold/neat. It is also very smelly unlike the liquid. Like a couple of other people here I also had issues with the bottle leaking. A residue of gel seems to get left in the lid and when the lid is pressed closed it squishes out and makes a bit of a mess. I now use a tissue over the lid when closing it and wipe it clean straight away. This gets over that problem nicely. Generally it works well and is a good price but I personally prefer the liquid so probably wouldn't buy it again.

Patination made easy

Written by Tina C on 23rd Aug 2014

Easy to use and a convenient size for my purposes.

Great but leaky bottle

Written by Helen Treacy on 10th Jul 2014

I love this product and I use it neat on fingerprints when I only have one to do and I'm feeling lazy. However I am forever finding it all over everything as the bottle leaks, even though the cap appears to be on tight and shut. It drives me mad, and my husband isn't impressed either since I've got young children. It can't always be seen so you pick something up and find it, obviously the smell isn't great when you do this. I'm guessing it's just my bottle but it's enough that I'd think twice before ordering more. Hi Helen, This should not be happening with the bottle, we haven't experienced this before with any of our bottles, or had similar feedback from customers. We are concerned you may just have a faulty bottle. We will get in contact with you now :)


Written by Dimitar on 1st Jun 2014

The best patina solution I've ever used! Easy to use, long life and always with great result!

Fantastic product

Written by Anne on 3rd Apr 2014

Used this for the first time and the patina i achieved was excellent. Also when looking for liver of sulphur, metal clay was the most competitive price will definitely buy it from here again!

Slow to get to black?

Written by undefined on 20th Feb 2014

I needed a nice dark charcoal grey/black on a pendant, so I decided to paint it on neat, I've been waiting 1 and a half hours and still no where near a good old liver of sulphur pea size in warm water black which took 15 mins on my last piece... And thats neat on a fine silver piece. Not overly impressed. I will try tomorrow in hot water. Nice marketing average product. The Reason why I tried it on neat was so it would save time cleaning it off the back of my item, in all fairness its saved no time, just cost me more time than I would have spent cleaning. Average at best for my needs. ****RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY**** Hi Anonymous, I hope you get to see this feedback as we don't know who you are. We don't really recommend you use the XL gel neat, just on its own. You can paint it on neat, but then you want to add heat and water to the piece. You also need to make sure your piece is clean (as always when you add a patina), I like to make a past of bicarbonate of soda and water, and rub the piece with this. Then I usually paint neat XL Gel in the deep parts where I want a patina, drip hot water on the piece, and put on a hot plate (or use a blow dryer). Best results are usually to make up a small quantity of strong solution, using hot water, dip the piece and keep it warm until you have the result you're after. As you can see from the other reviews - it isn't just "marketing" - it is a great product that works really well, and it will keep MUCH longer than chunks of LOS. Hope you make friends with it!

Excellent product

Written by Sam on 24th Jan 2014

Having never used any patina products before, i read lots of info and most said to try the XL los gel. It is fabulous stuff and goes a long way. I only needed to patinate a small amount of wire to start with so downsized the amount i used. It worked a treat. Easy to use, the odour dissipates quickly and the results speak for themselves.

Better than the rest

Written by Tracy Smith on 21st Oct 2013

I've tried the chunk and liquid forms of LOS and the XL Gel is by far the best. It lasts a long time without going off and gives good results. Make sure your metal is grease free for the best results.


Written by Tina Cross on 16th Oct 2013

Easy to use and excellent results. Odour not excessive and with good ventilation soon dissipates.

Easy to work with

Written by undefined on 29th Apr 2013

very easy to use and overall worked very very well. Actually it worked better than the industrial product I was using in my workshop. And it doesn't smell that bad either. Very happy with it :)

does what it says on the tin!

Written by janis on 7th Feb 2013

Really quick, clean and easy to use - fabulous!


Written by undefined on 27th Nov 2012

Love it...use straight from bottle...lovely finish x

Brilliant results

Written by june on 20th Aug 2012

Made my PMC items different with exciting colours so easily done.

Nice and easy with good control

Written by Kath on 31st Jul 2012

This product is easy to apply and with control over the amount you use. It worked very well and I feel it will go a long way. Will use this product again.

Easy to use, quick working, long lasting

Written by Vicky on 27th Apr 2011

I loved this product. Clean, economical and easy to use and I achieved a lovely dark charcoal oxidation in relatively few dips. Thanks to the lovely lady at Metal Clay Ltd too, for her wonderful tips and advise. Highly Recommend - I'll be back for more when this long-lasting little bottle eventually runs out!

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