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Pack of 36 anti-tarnish storage strips for silver from Town Talk - keep your silver jewellery or silver cutlery in tip-top shape. Pop one of these in the box or bag and you will notice the tarnishing slows down drastically! Invaluable if you sell your jewellery and need to keep your inventory looking as new.

Make sure your fine silver items stay shining bright by storing them with a Silver Storage Strip.

The Strips absorb atmospheric pollutants and help keep your silver shining bright at all times.

Silver jewellery tarnishes easily because it undergoes a chemical reaction with sulphur containing substances that are found readily in the air. When this happens, the silver combines with the sulphur to form silver sulphide which will first yellow, and then start to darken silver until it goes black.

For the best results, store your silver with the strips in an enclosed space, and remember to replace the strips as often as possible. Insert into jewellery boxes, pouches, or grip-seal bags.

36 Strips, each strip is 4cm x 3cm (1.5" x 1.25").

Reviews (4)

Town Talk Anti-Tarnish strips

Written by Emma on 10th Oct 2020

I haven’t had a chance to try these out for effectiveness but they are such a brilliant idea and I think they are going to be just what I need! I make jewellery to raise money for an amazing charity that helps other young people with cancer keep their spirits dancing and focus on their future and I am planning to include one of these with each piece to help keep it shining! :) Thank you Metal Clay for being a part of the magic! :)

Good item

Written by Edita on 29th Oct 2019

Good price for what this item is. Hard to measure how helpful it is, because a lot depends on the finish of the silver piece.

Always useful to have these anti tarnish strips!

Written by Natasha Kinley on 21st Jun 2016

I have been buying these from metal Clay since I discovered them some time ago, I usually put one in a zip lock bag when I make a sale and assuming the person uses it and doesn't just throw it they find they work well to help keep the silver clean. I use them for my supplies and stock too and I just think they are invaluable for this. They are a very good price from Metal Clay, worth adding some onto an order and trying them!

Anti Tarnish Strips soo useful

Written by Natasha Kinley on 1st Dec 2014

I love these Town Talk anti tarnish strips, they really do work and so I always pop one into a zip lock bag with any silver piece of jewellery that I make. Helps especially if you are giving a piece of silver jewellery to a person you know is not that keen on cleaning it!

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