Jade Cameron

jade-temporary.jpgJADE CAMERON

Jade has been with the company since 2010. Being our longest standing employee, Jade has had a few different roles as the company has grown and changed. 

Jade is our Studio Manager running most of our in-house metal clay classes. She is an excellent instructor, having introduced many many students to the magic of metal clay. Being a jewellery maker herself, with a range selling in several local outlets, she knows what works when it comes to making.

Having been with the company during its main growth Jade knows most of our products very well. Because of this Jade is also our main product support person, where the product knowledge she has acquired over the years get used to its full potential. If you have contacted our support desk it is very likely you will have chatted to Jade.

Before joining Metal Clay, Jade trained as a make up artist, with a focus on special effects. She definitely can transform a beauty into a beast! 

And, no, Jade and Petra are not related (but if you want to cheer up Petra, please ask if they're sisters, not mum and daughter...).