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  • Which Foredom should I get?

    <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Which Foredom is right for me? What do you want your Foredom for?</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Do you need an all-rounder that works for anything you throw at it? Are you a professional who do the same task over and over, and need a machine that is specifically for that, say, stone setting, or carving heavy hardwood?</p> <!-- /wp:paragraph --> <!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>What you use it for should guide you in your motor choice. It should also affect your choice of speed control (do you want a foot pedal, or a dial control on your desk?), and of course, what hand piece you get. </p> <!-- /wp:paragraph -->

  • What can I make with 7gm of silver clay?

    What can I make with 7gm of silver clay? This is a question we get asked a lot and our response almost always starts with&#8230;..&#8221;it goes further than you think!&#8221;  We know what it&#8217;s like to spend a significant amount of money on 7g of silver clay and then feel disappointed when you open up [&#8230;]

  • If I want to sell my silver clay jewellery, do I need to get it hallmarked first? If so, how do I go about it?

    DO I NEED A HALLMARK? In short if you&#8217;re in the UK: yes, unless the finished silver piece weighs less than 7.78g. If you are not in the UK, please check what local laws apply. If the finished silver piece weighs more than 7.78gm it is a legal requirement to get it hallmarked if you [&#8230;]

  • Comparing kilns for metal clay?

    METAL CLAY KILN COMPARISON We put together a little video which you might find helpful. It is a brief comparison of the most popular metal clay kilns in the UK. We&#8217;re not going into details, so if you want specifics on sizes and more, please follow the links below. In the video we’re having a [&#8230;]

  • Dotty about you! UV resin

    Silver Clay &#38; UV Resin Pendant Tutorial Project Level: Beginner Materials: * A274Z-22 &#8211; Art Clay Silver 20g  * UVCOLKIT &#8211; UV Resin Colour Kit * Sterling Silver Jumpring * Sterling Silver Chain (optional) Tools Needed: * Plastic Coated Playing Cards or Acrylic Spacers * Acrylic Roller * Badger Balm * Heart Template or Cutters * Clay Pick * Ball Burnisher * Sanding Pads * Polishing Papers * UV Light * Tooth Pick * Flat [&#8230;]

  • Art Clay Silver Paper Type – Bow Tie Pendant Tutorial

    Project Level: Intermediate Materials: A105 &#8211; Art Clay Paper Type A273 &#8211; Art Clay Silver Clay 10g A285 &#8211; Art Clay Silver Paste Type A280 &#8211; Art Clay Silver Syringe R043 &#8211; Art Clay Klum Boo Gold Foil Tools Needed: 0933SET &#8211; Swann Morton Scalpel Set SKU21201 &#8211; Badger Balm 3522TL-H &#8211; Clear Acrylic Roller SPACSET [&#8230;]

  • Apprentice wanted!

    URGENT &#8211; TIME RUNNING OUT TO APPLY! ATTENTION: We&#8217;re looking for a bright, passionate, and keen Media/Marketing/Admin Apprentice &#8211; if you&#8217;re between the ages of 17-23, this could be you!&#160; You could become one of the UK&#8217;s first Social Media / Mini Marketer / Business Admin Apprentices all wrapped into one.&#160; This modern apprenticeship is [&#8230;]

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