Pam East's ClearNamel Wetting Agent

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Pam East's ClearNamel™ wetting agent reduces the tiny bubbles that impair the clarity of your enamels.

ClearNamel reduces surface tension helping your enamels lay down flat which then makes it easier to apply thin, uniform layers. And thinner layers mean better shading! Just a few drops in distilled water is all it takes to improve the application of your enamels. ClearNamel burns off cleanly and will not affect your colours. ClearNamel™ can be used with all brands of leaded and lead free enamels.


Add 15 to 20 drops of ClearNamel™ to a tablespoon of distilled water. Begin by dipping a brush in the mixture and use it to dampen the area where you are applying your wet enamels. As you apply the enamels, occasionally re-wet your brush with the mixture. Adding ClearNamel™ directly to your wet enamels is not recommended as it may be too concentrated. Be sure to cap the bottle when not in use. The product will evaporate if left open. Mixed ClearNamel cannot be stored long term. Just mix up as much as you need for each enamelling session.

"I am absolutely loving working with my new ClearNamel™ Wetting Agent. It has improved the depth and clarity of my enamels wonderfully, as well as making the application of the enamels go much smoother." - Pam East.

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