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Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are such a versatile product!

Jacquard Pearl-Ex is a safe, pearlescent, non-toxic, inert powdered pigment that exhibits extreme colourfastness and stability, ideal for interior and archival applications. It has a use for every artist, from watercolourist to auto painter, faux finisher to rubber stamper.

Try it mixed with Jacquard Gum Arabic or Pearl Ex Varnish for applying to most surfaces. It can also be mixed with other artist mediums, oils, acrylics, encaustic, Dorland’s Wax, polymer clay, or spread dry on porous surfaces. Pearl Ex pigments are dry, with a neutral pH, so they last for years and only small amounts are needed for most products. Pearl Ex can be added with almost any colour of craft, acrylic or watercolour paint to create a metallic sheen. Pearl Ex pigments are colourfast, temperature resistant, weather resistant and non-tarnishing, therefore ideal for archival applications.

PearlEx creates a metallic look without being a metal - it will not tarnish or fade. The different particle sizes produce different looks, from a smooth pearly lustre, to a highly metallic sheen. 

Use on resin, fabric, paper, shrink plastic, polymer clay, leather, melted wax, clay, gouache, glass, wood and encaustics - I'm sure you can come up with other exciting mediums we haven't even thought of!

If you're after other colours or larger sizes, please contact us.

Note: Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments were specifically developed as an art material. They are NOT for cosmetic use.

PearlEx pigments are sold by weight not by volume. Each pigment within the range of PearlEx is a different density which means that one particle of a particular colour can weigh more or less than a particle of another colour. This will mean that the pots may appear to the eye to have widely different volumes, but the weight will be the same.

Some suggested ways of using the pigments:

  • Create your own unique colours by kneading Pearl Ex into polymer clay. Bake clay following manufacturer's instructions. Allow to cool before handling. Pearl Ex is embedded in the clay so there is no need to varhish unless you want a glossier surface. For large areas of colour use your fingers, a Q-tip or a brush. For more control use a small brush. Work Pearl Ex into the surface and brush off excess. Bake according to manufacturer's instructions. Brush or spray varhish on surface when cool to seal.

  • Dust a polymer clay rubber mould with Pearl Ex before pressing in the clay. This is a great way to colour the clay. It also makes the clay easier to release from the mould. Simply dust the mould with Pearl Ex using a soft bristle brush. Turn the mould over and gently tap out excess. Press conditioned clay in to the mould and get instant beautiful colour! Bake polymer clay following manufacturer's instructions. Allow to cool then coat with varhish to seal.

  • To make a Painted Image Transfer, simply mix Pearl Ex with water, paint a design on paper and lay a sheet of polymer clay on top. Gently press down with a rolling pin, carefully pull away the paper, trim clay and bake. Seal with varhish when cool if desired.

  • Dust Pearl Ex Powders onto shrink plastic before shrinking. The powder will become embedded in the surface when the plastic shrinks. When cool wipe off excess for a soft glow of colour. Coat with varnish for a glossy finish. To create a more intense colour, sand the shrink plastic before dusting on Pearl Ex.

  • Mix Pearl Ex with any clear medium to use over any surface. Example: use a plastic dropper to add varhish to Pearl Ex. Mix to desired consistency and paint on wood, metal, plastic or baked polymer clay.

  • Dust Pearl Ex onto any surface and then seal with a spray lacquer. Spray the lacquer out over the surface and let the mist fall onto the surface rather than spraying the lacquer at the surface. This will give you a more even coat of lacquer without spray marks as well as preventing the spray from blowing off the Pearl Ex.


We also have Pearl Ex Varnish 2.25 fl oz/70 ml, which is a water-based varnish that can be used as a medium or top coat with Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments. Works great on paper, clay, metal, wood or plastic and cleans up easily with water. This varnish enables Pearl Ex users to create their own lustrous metallic paints, glazes and durable finishes on every surface.

Reviews (32)

Pearl Ex

Written by Oksana on 10th Jun 2020

I really like to use these powders in my work. I use them to dying polymer clay. Great to be rubbed in with your finger, or applied with a brush, or mixed into varnish. My favourite combination is Brilliant Gold applied onto black surfaces - looks like antique bronze, really good.

Pearl Ex

Written by Oksana on 10th Jun 2020

I really like to use these powders in my work. I use them to dying polymer clay. Great to be rubbed in with your finger, or applied with a brush, or mixed into varnish. My favourite combination is Brilliant Gold applied onto black surfaces - looks like antique bronze, really good.

Pearl Ex Powders

Written by Adrian Lawrie on 8th May 2020

Great product, works better than expected, highly recommended. The containers were well packed and arrived a lot sooner than expected.


Written by Paul on 26th Oct 2019

Great product and perfect results for my model, i used this powder mixed into AlcladII klear sprayed through my airbrush and the results are fantastic :)

Pigment REview.

Written by B West on 9th May 2019

Very quick dispatch and although only used one colour so far but its a quality pigment. Very happy with service and product so will certainly be a returning customer.

Biggest Stockest in Uk of Pearl ex

Written by Chris trimmer on 19th Jul 2018

This powder is amazing for Polyester or Epoxy Resins and these guys are the only ones that stock this much of the range or from what i can find anyway

Pearl powders

Written by Chris on 17th Jul 2017

Great product, great price, great service.

Pearlescent powder

Written by Clive woolley on 25th Apr 2017

Beautiful effects obtained using this pearlescent powder. Excellent product

Pearl EX powders

Written by Vitalijus on 11th Apr 2017

Bought them to use with resin, very good and easily mixing. A lot of color to choose from.

Pearl Ex Powder - 3gm

Written by Steven mason on 13th Mar 2017

I bought these powders ti mix with resin, as yet the resin is not set, however they are very easy to mix and mix very well, just a tiny amount goes a long way, and the colours are lovely and shimmer. I was most impressed with the service and the very reasonable p+p charges. I shall definitely be ordering more soon


Written by monika on 8th Sep 2016

Many imitate, but non can equal the quality of pearlex. This is an awesome colour. Love, love, love pearlex pigment powders!


Written by monika on 8th Sep 2016

Many imitate, but non can equal the quality of pearlex. This is an awesome colour.

Excellent product.

Written by Jean Claude on 20th Aug 2016

I make fusion pens i.e. wood and resin, and this product does bring to life my cast when I use it.. Very happy. for info: I Vacuum Comp A and the dyes before I mix Comp B, then pressure tank 60-70 PSI.


Written by Nick (encief design) on 16th Apr 2016

Love this product, you only need the tiniest amount, I use with epoxy resin to decorate wooden items I have turned on a lathe I have tried others but this outperforms all others, easy to use and lovely colours I will certainly be purchasing more colours and products from Metal Clay Ltd

Good quality

Written by Mishui on 4th Mar 2016

These pigments have really good quality and are definitely worth the money. I will be buying more colors one day, I'm really happy with my purchase.

Beautifully Pigmented !

Written by Laura on 27th Jan 2016

These pearl-ex powders are amazing. They're really pigmented so they show up on your clay with a nice sheen to them - it makes any clay super sparkly/glittery and work well in making galaxy patterns or ombré on your clay. They also work very well in colouring crystal resin. I'd highly recommend buying these as a crafter because you will use them A LOT! :)

Used in clear acrylic casting resin

Written by Nick on 25th Jan 2016

Tried both the pigments I bought in resin with some nice automotive metal flake... superb! the duo just has a nice, subtle pearl colour sheen of the secondary colour... machined much better than the liquid colours too. a little goes a long way... will be buying more!

Perfect for clay AND Resin

Written by Caroline Hall on 11th Dec 2015

I would always use this on polymer clay but found it perfect for the rich colouring i need in my Resin work too. I love these pigments Easy to use and control

first time user

Written by Eddie on 30th Sep 2015

very easy to use

The best pigment ever!!

Written by Bernard Sleeman of Merthology Creations on 26th Jun 2015

Not only is this amazing pigment easy to use it is also very versatile in use. From variable colour depths to the wide range of mediums it can be used in, it is unbeatable!

Antique copper is stunning!

Written by Alice Todd on 15th May 2015

This antique copper shade is absolutely gorgeous and works beautifully with my resin.

Fab for Resin

Written by undefined on 15th May 2015

Blends easily with resin and the effect is a beautiful shimmery colour - I have bought a variety of colours!

brilliant for my orgonite

Written by kelly fallbrook on 26th Mar 2014

I didn't hold out much hope for this with my resin. but I am amazed att her exults. It looks a bit like nail polish, but I am layering it in different colours to make my orgonite. I totally love it . compared to the resin dyes i was buying, which cost much more, i am impressed more with this. I will be coming back for more. )) /Users/kelly/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2014/03/19/20140319- 123429/P1020288.JPG

Works beautifully with resin!

Written by undefined on 5th Feb 2014

It is very easy to use (I just add it to my resin and hardener mix) and the colours are beautiful.

Love it!

Written by fuwafuwanyan on 24th Jan 2014

Used as background colours in resin pieces. Only needed a tiny amount and it came out evenly. Really pretty!

Super thing!

Written by magoody on 2nd Oct 2013

Super thing!! Thank you so much!

5 stars

Written by undefined on 16th Aug 2013

excellent for polymer clay!


Written by linart on 22nd Apr 2013

Beautiful colour and has a great effect on polymer clay

great item

Written by mazzasmonkeys on 16th Apr 2013

great item, deep colours, used in resin moulds, easy and clean.

gorgeous deep pigmented colours

Written by Rhi on 29th Nov 2012

I use this powder with polymer clay. I can be used to add colour to clay by mixing in or highlighting the surface. Dust onto uncured clay for the best result and then bake as usual

Wonderful colours, my new favourite product!

Written by Yolanda on 18th Oct 2012

These pearl powder pots are just magic. Every colour is a dream come true. I couldn't choose a favourite, they all are lovely. I got several ones to get a rainbow of tones, so you can use them straight the way without mixing and get the most lovely shades. You only need a tiny amount for every use, i.e. resin. Highly recommended!

Beautiful Colours

Written by undefined on 24th Aug 2012

I ordered Interference Green to mix it with resin and the colour is gorgeous, it's a subtile light green, pearlized and delicate. It mixes really well with just a tiny amount. I loved this little pots.

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