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Create adorable little alphabet initial pendants easily with this great alphabet mould. Made out of silicone, it is easy to use with precious metal clay as well as base metal clay. Also great for resin, UV resin, and resin clay.

Use as is as a charm or pendant, or cut off the eyelet and place on a backing sheet, or combine several letters into words - these are ideal little letters to play around with!

The mould is 60 x 80mm and each letter is about 7mm high.

You need about 1gm of clay to be able to fill each letter properly, its best to overfill the mould and scrape off the overflow before drying. 

Also available in a Cursive Type

To use:

  • Oil the mould.
  • Use as fresh clay as possible and push it down into the mould. Overfill the mould and use the flat side of a clay scraper, or a spatula, to scrape off the overflow. Wrap up and save for future use.
  • Once pushed in, turn the mould over to check the front - as it is transparent, it's easy to ensure it is completely filled. 
  • Smooth over the surface with a damp finger to even it out. If needed, use the back of a brush handle or a soft silicone clay shaper to push the clay deeper into the mould.
  • Leave to dry in the mould, the mould can be put in a dehydrator safely. Once the clay is completely dry, push it out.

Be patient with the drying. It takes longer than you think to dry in the mould as the heat only gets in from the top and if you try to pull them out too soon, you could cause the shape to crack.

Check out this video for ideas on how to use the mould.

We recommend you test the product on the back of the mould before using it with new materials to ensure they're compatible.




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Alphabet molds

Written by Claire Will on 2nd Jul 2018

Very neat and compact. Push clay or medium in to spaces, I personally let the metal clay dry for an hour or so, as removal of soft clay can result in distortion. Perfect for Metal clay users.

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