Silicone Mold For Bezel Making

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Create your own prong settings for round stones with this handy silicone mould. Designed and created by the experts at Aida in Japan, this mould allows you to create either round or square shaped bezels for size 3, 4, 5 and 8mm round stones. You may have seen Mr. Kuniaki using this mould in his YCMI 2017 stone setting demo. 

To use:

Fill the mould with wet clay using something thin to push it down into the mould and let it dry in the mould. The mould is transparent so it should be simple to turn it over and ensure it is completely filled and there are no air bubbles. Once the clay is completely dry, push it out. Be patient with the drying! It takes longer than you think to dry in the mould as the heat only gets in from the top and if you try to pull them out too soon, you'll wreck or distort the shape. We recommend drying for over 24 hours. 

Once dry, file the top of the mould down until it is just above the top of the stone (place the stone inside to test it and then remove it again to file).

Then shape into 4 prongs - use a thin file to form a cross shape across the top and file down gradually until you have prongs. The Diamond Hand Files work perfectly for this! You can do a variety of shapes, so long as you don't file down below the base. You can also round the outside too. Please note - don't file the inside of the prongs or you will mess up the measurement and it won't fit your stone!. When you're happy with the shape of your setting, fire the clay as normal.

After firing, set the stone using a Prong Pusher tool or something similar. 



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