Super Smooth Non-Stick Teflon Sheets

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Ensure your clay projects lift smoothly off your work surface with these super smooth non-textured Teflon non-stick art sheets.

Sheets can be washed in luke-warm, soapy water, or wiped clean with a damp sponge and reused.

Very thin and slightly see-through so can be laid on top of patterns.

Remove sheets before firing.

Includes 2 x sheets each measuring approx. 15.5 x 15.5cm packaged inside an envelope.

Reviews (17)

non stick teflon sheets

Written by Derek Patrick on 19th Mar 2021

They do exactly what their title states that is silver or modelling clay doesn't stick to it

Teflon sheeT

Written by Susan hyslop on 6th Mar 2018

Not over impressed, it marks easily. All the other items I have purchased I am very pleased with, luckily this was inexpensive

Teflon sheets

Written by Andrea Taylor on 9th Apr 2017

Great to work with once I had got it flat. Slight sticking problem.

Review of my review

Written by Lauren Melling on 2nd Jun 2016

I decided to test my product further. One big problem I have with kato polyclay is pitting and shininess on the backs of pieces when they come out of the oven no matter what I try. As this said remove before firing I had not put it in the oven. Tonight I did for 30 mins at 135 Celsius. It did not burn or melt and my clay did not stick, shine or pit. This could be a great use for this sheet. For baking polymer clay on in the oven.

For my needs- sheets were inadequate

Written by Lauren Melling on 1st Jun 2016

This review is based on my needs. I was working translucent polymer clay. Even when taped or held the sheet moved and left creases in the clay. The Teflon failed and the clay stuck to it. All Metalclay products I purchase meet my expectations so I would suggest this products suitability is PMC rather than polymer. As usual I am more than happy with my products, customer service and pricing.

Please post them flat!

Written by Carolyn on 8th Apr 2016

I like that this sheet is smooth so doesn't mark the clay, but it is very thin and was delivered rolled up in a tube so I am having terrible trouble getting it to lie flat. I am going to have to try pressing it under a pile of books I think as rolling it the other way isn't working.

Teflon Art Sheets

Written by undefined on 19th Feb 2016

These always prove to be useful.

Not sturdy enough

Written by Nana Nielsen on 13th Jan 2016

Lovely and smooth, but was creased in my clumsy hands within 5 minutes, and the creases seem to stay. Maybe if they were slightly thicker or I might try glueing it to stencil plastic

too thin

Written by undefined on 12th Dec 2015

I loved them when they first arrived as they were lovely and smooth and no abrasions etc but after just one night of metal clay work I have found them creased and no where near as useful as when I first got them. Perhaps I was expecting something different but I found them too thin to be useful on an ongoing basis

handy sized, good value

Written by Gordon on 8th Nov 2015

Who doesn't love a Teflon sheet for metal clay. These are ideal sized, easy to clean and store, large enough to work jewellery projects on and thick enough to take away that tearing fear when you take a cutting tool to the clay

teflon sheets

Written by Susan Lowe on 10th Mar 2014

Not sure about these yet, the clay does seem to stick a bit, even when the sheets are clean, and I suspect I will have to treat them very gently to avoid creases ***Hi Susan, we've never had problems with anything sticking to these - they are hands down the best non-stick sheets I've ever used for metal clay as they are completely 100% smooth with no pattern at all. If you feel things are sticking (say if you are working with clay with lots of added water, or a more sticky clay than Art Clay) you can always put a tiny tiny bit of non-stick solution on the sheet, but you really don't need it for normal use. Yes, they can crease, so keep them flat. The little envelope they come in is good for this. All the best Petra

I would like them to be bigger

Written by Alicia's earrings on 29th Jan 2014

Good work surface. Very thin and tough.

couldn't manage without them !

Written by Julie Brockbank on 11th Jan 2014

Excellent product

Just brilliant!

Written by Amanda Christie on 18th Mar 2013

I bought these Teflon sheets for Fimo as they do not stick;however i was using Bondaweb and Cosmic Shimmer heat bondable film when i thought i would try the teflon sheets to protect the iron and ironing board cover from a hot iron.They worked fabulously,I LOVE THEM.

So Smooth

Written by Firefly on 14th Jan 2013

This is the third set of sheets i have bought in over 3 years, long lasting and more importantly dont mark your wet clay I would highly recommend these Teflon sheets.

Simply The Best

Written by Firefly on 11th Oct 2012

I bought these teflon sheets to use with PMC I love them as they dont mark the clay. if you plave your clay inbetween the two sheets you can roll out so much easier and no sticking would definately recommend these teflon sheets. If you keep them stored in the cardboard packaging they come in this stops curling.

Does the job

Written by undefined on 13th Jun 2012

Sturdy little pieces, very useful. I could wish they didn't curl up when left with nothing on them. I recommend leaving them flat under something heave when not in use.

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