UltraLite - Temperature Controller for Studio Kiln (Economy)

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Economy temperature controller for the UltraLite Studio beehive style kiln

Through a dial, it gives you control over the temperature, and allows you to adjust it between approximately 350-840°C. 

This is not an official UltraLite product, however we've found it works just as well. It doesn't come with any pre-set temperatures, so you need to test it a little to see what works for you.

The UltraLite kiln is not programmable, you just plug it in and it fires at a steady 840°C with the lid on, and 620°C with the lid off. If needed, you can adjust the temperature with this controller which lets you control the temperature between 300-850°C.

Simply turn the dial to find the right setting for what you want. When you find it, we recommend marking the spot on the controller with a a Sharpie marker pen so you can find it easily next time.

For firing Art Clay and PMC Fine silver clays we recommend using the highest setting, if you wish to lower the temperature for Keum-Boo, turn it down to around 2 thirds (about 5-6 dots from the end).

Some people likes a lower the temperature for KeumBoo, as that slows down the bonding and gives you more control. Others, like us, prefer to use it at the standard temperature - it really is a matter of preference.

What is the UltraLite kiln?

The UltraLite Studio Kiln is the ideal size for a jewellery bench top kiln. If you work with fine metals granulation, enamelling, and/or KeumBoo we're sure it'll quickly become your favourite studio buddy!

It's also perfect for drying and firing silver clay, fusing glass, fusing fine gold and silver, and more! 

The Ultralite Kiln is a tiny (smaller than a football) open-top kiln with a lift-off metal lid. It is incredibly energy efficient, it will cost you less than 4 pence per hour! It is quick; it'll be at 650°C in about 20 minutes, and full temperature is reached in 45 minutes. It's not programmable, you just plug it in and it will do its job perfectly and efficiently. It will fire at a steady 840°C with the lid on, and 620°C with the lid off. 


Reviews (1)

Bought for Old Ultralite Kiln

Written by candied silver on 29th Feb 2020

This works very well with my older style Ultralite mini kiln. It took a small amount of tweaking the dial to get the temperature that I wanted to enamel. It feels safer. I have yet to use it for Keum Boo which is what I bought the kiln for originally . I’m hoping it will stop me having to work at double speed as it gets hotter!

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