Foredom Table Top Control Dial Dual Speed - SR Motors

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Foredom Table Top Dual Speed Control for SR Motors

Don’t like using a foot pedal with your flexshaft? Plug your Foredom pendant (hanging) motor into this Table Top Dual Speed Control, and you’ll have exact and precise control over the speed (no more revving by accident as your foot slips!), right at your hand.

It comes with two settings: The ’LO’ Speed Setting is between 1,000 - 10,000 RPM or 400 - 4,000 SPM.

‘HI’ Speed Setting - Regular motor speeds for rotary handpieces.The Dual Speed Range Dial Control has a ‘LO’ setting that restricts speed to the allowable range for Filer operation: between 1,000 – 10,000 RPM or 400 – 4,000 SPM. This special control set to ‘LO’ is also ideal when partnered with the Foredom Angle Grinder and Belt Sander Attachments and the H.50 Chisel flex shaft handpiece. These products all have recommended operating speeds that are lower than maximum motor speed. The switch also allows you to return the filer or these other tools to its optimum speed setting without having to adjust the dial setting. The ‘HI’ setting permits use with rotary handpieces at regular speeds.

This control is ideal for using with the Foredom H.50C and H50 Chisel Handpieces, which have low recommended speeds of 1,000 - 8,000 RPM, or Foredom M.SR, M.SRB, M.SRH and M.SRBH motors.

UK 3-pin plug. Power: 3 Amps, 50 Hz, 230V

Size: 12.7cm (5”) L, 12.7cm (5”) W , 5cm (2”) H

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