Foredom H.50C Handpiece for carving with 6 chisels

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Foredom's Chisel Handpiece - a powerhouse when it comes to carving! This clever handpiece changes the flexshaft's rotary movement to a reciprocating one, powering the chisels and gouges included, allowing you to carve wood, plastic, resin, and plaster effortlessly. 

As all Foredom's products, this handpiece is beautifully made, with a tough contoured body shape, rugged plastic barrel and tapered aluminum ends. Inside is a simple cam mechanism which is easily accessible for maintenance.

The Foredom H50c power chisel attaches to any flex shaft machine with a standard key tip shaft. It lets you do intricate carving work with almost no effort. Very little pressure is needed to remove even large volumes of wood, using the gouges. And the flat chisels are ideal for shaping. Look after your chisels, sharpen them as needed and they'll work well for a long time.

Works great with:

  • Foredom TX motors
  • Foredom LX motors
  • Foredom SR motors (make sure you use it in forward rotation only!)
  • JoolTool Flexshaft

Comes with six stainless steel, pre-sharpened chisels:

  • A-KC503
  • A-KC504
  • A-KC505
  • A-KC506
  • A-KC509
  • A-KC510

For optimal results and to give you a good tool life, use this handpiece between 3,000-10,000 rpm.
Handpiece specifications: 6" long, 1" in diameter, weight: 4.6 oz.


  1. After every 200 hours of use you should clean and lubricate this handpiece. The old grease must be cleaned off of the interior cam chamber and replaced with new lubricant. Replacement lubricant can be ordered here. Follow the instructions that came with your handpiece or click on the link for step by step maintenance instructions.
  2. Using the chisel handpiece with a dial speed control is easier and gives you more control than a foot operated control.
  3. Do not use over 18,000 rpm.
  4. Only use in a forward motor direction. 
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