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This is the upgraded version of the Prometheus PRO1 MiniKiln. This kiln is programmable, making it a brilliant little kiln, suitable for both personal and professional use.

It is perfect for small-scale work in Art Clay, PMC, and other silver clays, as well as enamelling. It can also be used for little beads of low fire ceramics,china painting, annealing and hardening silver, gold and other metals, and glass fusing, like dichroic glass cabochons and similar small items.

It's a 1000°C front-loading kiln, with a built-in, easy-to-use, 3-key digital programmable controller.

Using the programmable controller you simply set what temperature you want the kiln to fire at (target temperature), tell it how fast you want it to heat up (ramp speed), and how long you want it to hold at the firing temperature (hold/soak time). The kiln will turn the heating off once it has completed the programme. If you wish, you can also say how slow it should cool down, and if it should hold at a temperature whilst cooling down.

You can set 9 programmes, each programme can have up to 8 segments. A segment could be like this: heat up at 300° C per hour, until you get to 650°C, then hold that temperature for 45 minutes. To be able to set several segments with different heating speeds and temperatures are very useful if you're firing base metals, like copper and bronze (where you want to heat up slower and hold steady to burn the binder out at a lower temperature before the full firing at a higher temperature), or doing glass fusing (which needs a slow heating, and a slow cool down, with a soak/hold at a low temperature to anneal the glass once fused). 

A good thing with programmes is that you only set them once, and they will stay there until you change them. So you could set one programme for firing silver clay, another for fusing small glass cabochon, and another for that perfect BRONZclay firing schedule you've come up with.

This kiln has a Orton AutoFire Express Digital Programmable Temperature Controller (like the one on Paragon, Sierra, and Evenheat kilns) which is programmed exactly like the one used on the Paragon SC2 Kiln.

You will need a fibre shelf for this kiln.

The hole in the door of your kiln is for ventilation purposes and is supposed to be there. Don't plug the hole closed. If you use it as a peep hole you could damage your eyes unless you wear suitable eye protection.

The plate around the hole, as well as the area around the door of the kiln, can show discolouration with use and this is completely normal.

The UK kiln is rated at 230V/700W (which means it uses less electricity than most plug-in heaters), and plugs into a regular mains socket. It's small enough to use in your home, school, craft work shop, or jewellery studio. It is ideal to take with you to craft events and workshops; it weighs less than 6kg and is small enough to carry.

This kiln is sometimes referred to as Creative Metal Clay Kiln, CMC Kiln, or MiniKiln with digital programmer.

Includes a manufacturer's warranty of 2 years.

The outer steel case measures 225mm x 240mm x 295mm, and is slotted for air circulation, so it keeps cool. The door opens 90°, and there's a small door vent. It is normal for the metal above this vent and sometimes the door to discolour slightly with use.

The ceramic firing chamber, enclosed in an inner steel case, measures 115mm x 135mm x 70mm internally, and heats from the top, sides and bottom, with the fast-firing elements safely embedded in the ceramic.

If you wish, we're happy to pre-program your kiln for you for a fee. We would preset the most popular programs used by metal clay artists, so the kiln is ready to go out of the box. You still have one program free to do with as you wish, and you are always free to amend the programs we have set for you. Please note that these programs are not locked, so you have full freedom to change them as you wish. These are the standard programs we would set for you, if you have any other programs you need, please let us know and we might be able to help:

PR01: 500ºC - 30mins, followed by 870ºC - 60mins (recommended firing for Art Clay Silver 950 Sterling) 

PRO2: 650ºC - 30mins (minimum firing for Art Clay Silver) 

PR03: 800ºC - 30mins (recommended firing for Art Clay Silver, Art Clay Oil Paste, Prometheus Bronze)

PR04: 800ºC - 30mins with a slow ramp (Art Clay Silver Paper Type)

PR05: 970ºC - 30mins (Art Clay Copper)

PR06: 900ºC - 10mins (PMC+)

PR07: 700ºC - 10mins (PMC3 fast)

PR08: 600ºC - 45mins (PMC3 slow)



Volts: 230V
Amps: 3A
Watt: 700W
Controller: Orton Digital Programmable Temperature Controller - 9 programmes with 8 segments
Max Temp: 1000°C 
Heating elements: 4; top, bottom and sides
External Size: 225 x 240 x 295 (width x depth x height) (mm) 
Firing Chamber: 115 x 135 x 70 (width x depth x height) (mm) 
Weight: 5.7kg

Quick explanation of some kiln lingo: 

Target temperature: the temperature you want your kiln to heat up to (or cool down to), i.e. the temperature you need to fire your material at. 

Digital controller: how you tell your kiln what to do. With a digital controller you press buttons. Older (or simpler) kilns sometimes just have a rotary controller which you turn until you're happy with the temp. - digital controllers are much easier to control.

Ramp function: a function which allows you to tell the kiln how fast (or slow) it should heat up/cool down. Mostly used in glass fusing and for some base metal clay firings, or for other materials which needs heating and/or cooling under more controlled conditions. 

Ramp speed: the speed at which the kiln heats up, or cools down. 

Hold time: how long your kiln should hold the target temperature. E.g., fire at 650°C for 30 minutes - 30 minutes is the hold time. 

Firing chamber: the inside of your kiln, where you place your things to be fired.

Kiln shelf: a small shelf on which you fire things. Never fire direct on the kiln floor. 

12 month manufacturer's warranty. Excluding improper storage and usage.

Reviews (7)


Written by E Coral Smith on 19th Jun 2019

Struggled a bit to begin with, but the girls at Metal Clay were a huge help when I emailed them for advice on how to get started. Told me exactly what to do and referred me to a Youtube video which cleared things up very quickly and I was able to get going. It's easy to use - when you understand how! and it is very simple - and it was a delight being able to fire 7 pieces of Art Clay Silver jewellery in one go instead of all of them separately by torch. They seemed easier to wire brush and polish than the torch fired ones too. I'm delighted with my kiln, and would recommend it, just ask for help if you're like me and don't quite understand the printed instructions.

Kiln review

Written by Fiona INgram on 15th Sep 2017

What a great little kiln! This is perfect for starting out or for anyone that intends to travel around for workshops. For me the added feature of a timer is worth every penny. So happy with my purchase and as usual the folks at Metalclayltd could not have been more helpful.


Written by Laura Stevenson on 2nd Sep 2017

Brilliant kiln and brilliant service from staff. I was a bit worried about the programming, but once you understand what the different stages are for it becomes much easier. Great kiln, no problems at all, does exactly what it's meant to.

Perfect starter kiln

Written by Am on 12th May 2017

I've been wanting to play with fusing glass, as well as kiln firing metal clay, so was on the look out for a small, programmable kiln that wouldn't break the bank but also wouldn't;t be too small. I bought it unprogrammed as I wanted to set programs for copper as well as silver clay, plus some for glass - programming it wasn't too hard, thankfully. The air around the kiln doesn't get too hot, but I do have stood on a heat proof tile to be on the safe side, and followed the instructions not to have anything within 30 cm of the sides etc. That said, I can walk past it and not really feel any heat coming off it at all!. I have mainly been using this for glass since I got it - fused quite a lot of dichroic cabs and pendants (with careful arranging I can get 10 on the shelf), and used some tiny ceramic moulds to cast glass frit tiles.

So pleased!

Written by Sofia on 16th Mar 2016

I fired a few pieces for the first time a few weeks ago and it worked really well! A great kiln that can fit on a regular desk! It gets pretty hot of course so to be on the safe side i use a stone bathroom tile under it to solve that problem. I'm looking forward to fire my new pieces i have made!

So far so very good!

Written by Leigh Magick Minx Armstrong on 26th Jun 2015

A lovely little kiln, I bought this one for when I'm teaching Introductions classes etc when out & about, though I love my Evanheats they are pretty heavy to lug up & down stairs & in & out of cars etc. This Mini Kiln is so super light & barely takes up any space, I even carry it around in a bag! I purchased it pre-programmed cause I'm lazy so setting it up was a doddle! So far it's done exactly what I've asked of it & I'm really glad I bought it. Would be a great little kiln for newcomers to Metal Clay as it's easy as pie to use, it's big enough to get quite a lot of stuff in, I was pleasantly surprised as I expected to have to do loads of firings in a class but actually so far the most I have done is 2 firings in a single class. I will have a bash at a bit of Dichroic Glass Slumping too so I can give my Students an overall impression but so far I would highly recommend this wee fella!

Very user friendly, the best quality,price, space & functions in one kiln

Written by Suzy on 6th Nov 2014

I do recommend this kiln to enthusiasts of Art Clay Silver and other metal clays. The interior is quite nice and the fact that we have so many pre-programmed programs helps a lot. The total size is optimal to fit in any studio. I'm super happy!

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