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Ceramic soft fibre shelf perfectly sized for mini kilns. Place your pieces to be fired on this, to protect the floor of the kiln and to help you remove the fired pieces after firing.  You can place the shelf directly onto the base of the kiln floor.  Then just remove the whole shelf with some tongs when ready.

The shelf will go brown on the first firing, this is normal and is the binder burning off - it will go back to a off-white colour once it has been fired at about 600-800C for a little while.

** PLEASE NOTE: This shelf works perfectly fine for firing fine silver, however, we've had some reports of pieces sticking to this shelf when firing at higher temperatures. If you're firing any of the sterling silver clays like Art Clay 950, EZ960, PMC Sterling or other clays that require higher firing temperatures, we recommend using this Mini Kiln Fibre Shelf instead or firing on Thinfire Shelf Paper

The shelf measures 12cm x 7cm x 1cm.

Reviews (7)

Economy mini kiln shelf

Written by Maritza Carrasco on 4th May 2020

For the price, this is an excellent purchase. Have used it a couple of times already for a number of hours and it has handled it very well, the pieces fired were also cooked very well. Would recommend wholeheartedly!

fibre shelf

Written by angela on 16th Feb 2017

perfect size for small Prometheus kiln

Reveiw on Kiln shelf

Written by Kathleen White on 25th Jan 2017

Perfect for my Kiln I have no trouble with clay sticking to it. Ideal for me as it is light and is easy to take out from the Kiln by your tweezers as disabled. Very happy just wish you do the posts so I can have 2 shelves. ** RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY ** Hi Kathleen - thank you for the lovely review, we're glad to hear the kiln shelf is working out for you. And great news - we do carry kiln posts now! We carry a small and large size. The small size would be perfect for the mini kiln. You can find them here:

Slight hiccough

Written by Jackie on 14th Nov 2016

Perfect for the Prometheus pro 1 but I've discovered that the new sterling silver Art Clay sticks to it and I've ended up with some residue on the back which needs filing off.


Written by Gordon on 8th Nov 2015

Love this little shelf. I have the prometheus pro1 with timer kiln and it's a perfect fit for doubling up the firing chamber. One tiny issue that's nothing to do with the shelf, I wish would stock kiln posts too


Written by undefined on 21st Jan 2014

Excellent product - I've tried it out and it does exactly as promised. I have only the full use of one hand so something like this is ideal for me and involved no complications.

Its normal to turn brown during the first firing

Written by gotjosh on 8th Apr 2011

I got concerned when the shelf started to turn brown, but got the following reply: that is completely normal. It is the binder burning off. Once it gets up to about 600-800C most of the brown will be gone.

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