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NEW! Introducing stress-free firing with the Prometheus Pre-Programmed PRO-7 kiln from Metal Clay Ltd.

From November 2020 this kiln now comes pre-programmed, with 11 of our favourite, well tested programmes!

Prometheus 7 Programmable Kiln is a tabletop kiln, similar in size to a Paragon SC2. It is designed for firing precious metal clays like Art Clay Silver, PMC, and PMC Flex. It is also good for base metal clays, and glass fusing, enamelling, low fire ceramics, china painting, as well as annealing and hardening silver and gold.

It's a 1100°C front-loading kiln, with a built-in, easy-to-use, 3-key digital programmable controller.

The UK kiln is rated at 230V/1900W, so it plugs into a regular mains socket.

Are you new to using a kiln? Or feeling a little nervous about how to use it?
We've got you; all our Prometheus programmable kilns now come with 11 pre-set programmes so you are ready to go as soon as you get your kiln!

We know that for most people, the most daunting thing about buying a kiln is how to programme it. Well, no more stress. We've selected eleven of our our favourite, well tested, programmes and installed them on all the Prometheus programmable kilns. We’ve been using these kilns for many years, so you are getting our tested and tried programmes.

There are still four spare programmes, ready for you to set as you wish. And, if you want, you can always overwrite our programmes to make them work for you, as they are not locked in = stress-free firings but you still have full control!


This kiln has 15 program slots, four are blank, and 11 are preset with really useful firing schedules, for media like silverclay (including Express and Extra Strength options), Art Clay Copper, adding gold, combining silver and glass - and more.

And, you can overwrite any of the preset programmes if you wish. You have full control and nothing is locked in, so you're not limited in how you use the kiln!
Click here to see the programmes included.


The programmable controller means you can set what temperature you want the kiln to fire at (target temperature), and also tell it how fast you want it to heat up (ramp speed), and how long you want it to hold at the firing temperature (hold/soak time), and the kiln will then turn the heating off once it has completed the programme. If you want you can also say how slow it should cool down, and if it should hold at a temperature whilst cooling down.

You have 11 preset programmes, and 4 blank to set as you wish. Each programme can have up to 8 segments or steps. A segment could be like this: heat up at 300° C per hour, until you get to 800°C, then hold that temperature for 45 minutes.

To be able to set several segments with different heating speeds and temperatures are very useful if you're firing base metals, like copper and bronze (where you want to heat up slower and hold steady to burn the binder out at a lower temperature before the full firing at a higher temperature), or doing glass fusing (which needs a slow heating, and a slow cool down, with a soak/hold at a low temperature to anneal the glass once fused).

A good thing with programmes is that you only set them once, and they will stay there until you change them. So you could set one programme for firing silver clay, another for fusing glass cabochons, and another for that perfect Art Clay Copper firing schedule you've come up with.

This kiln has a Orton AutoFire Express Digital Programmable Temperature Controller (similar to the one on Paragon, Sierra, and Evenheat kilns).


The outer steel case measures 360mm x 370mm x 435mm, and is slotted for air circulation, so it keeps cool. The door opens 180° upright, and there's a small door vent above the bead door.

The ceramic firing chamber, enclosed in an inner steel case, measures 230mm x 205mm x 155mm internally, and heats from the top, sides and bottom, with the fast-firing elements safely embedded in the ceramic.


It is normal for the metal above the door vent and the area around the door to discolour with use.

The chamber expands and contracts with each firing so hairline cracks are normal and may even show on a new kiln. These will not affect the function of the kiln. Any small cracks close up as the kiln heats up.

This kiln doesn't come with a shelf - you can purchase a large fibre kiln shelf here or a hard kiln shelf kit here ** 


Volts: 230V

Amps: 8.2A

Watt: 1900W
Controller: Orton Digital Programmable Temperature Controller - 9 programmes with 8 segments
Max Temp: 1100°C
Heating elements: 4; top, bottom and sides
External Size: 360 x 370 x 435 (width x depth x height) (mm)
Firing Chamber: 230 x 205 x 155 (width x depth x height) (mm)
Volume: 7.3 litres
Weight: 22kg

Quick explanation of some kiln lingo:

Target temperature: the temperature you want your kiln to heat up to (or cool down to), i.e. the temperature you need to fire your material at.

Digital controller: how you tell your kiln what to do. With a digital controller you press buttons. Older (or simpler) kilns sometimes just have a rotary controller which you turn until you're happy with the temp. - digital controllers are much easier to control.

Ramp function: a function which allows you to tell the kiln how fast (or slow) it should heat up/cool down. Mostly used in glass fusing and for some base metal clay firings, or for other materials which needs heating and/or cooling under more controlled conditions.

Ramp speed: the speed at which the kiln heats up, or cools down.

Hold time: how long your kiln should hold the target temperature. E.g., fire at 650°C for 30 minutes - 30 minutes is the hold time.

Firing chamber: the inside of your kiln, where you place your things to be fired.

Kiln shelf: a small shelf on which you fire things. Never fire direct on the kiln floor.


12 month manufacturer's warranty. Excluding improper storage and usage.

Reviews (2)

Prometheus Pro7 PRG

Written by Sara Johnson on 8th Nov 2018

So pleased with my new kiln! After using the baby version Pro 1 Prg for a couple of years this new kiln was a dream for firing much larger items and fusing a mother load of glass! Amazing service form the staff a Metal Clay Ltd Again

Good kiln, happy me!

Written by Natasha Kinley on 9th Mar 2017

I bought this kiln from metal some time ago and it took me ages to start to work with it but now I have used it for a good amount of firings I thought I must leave a review of it as I am very happy with it. I bought this one as it has a decent sized chamber as I hope eventually to be producing enough to need a chamber this size but I would say if you just want one for a hobby or small productions then their Prometheus Programmable 1 is probably big enough and cheaper to run I would imagine. I have to say it doesn't appear to be costing a lot to run this kiln though but we do have that cheap night time electricity tariff that helps on that front and as I am always up in the wee small hours it works out well for me. I would say it runs a little hot for some metals, I had a lot of trouble with Prometheus bronze over-firing but I have learned to under do rather than over do as I can always re-fire! Silver is a doddle to fire in this kiln as I think probably it is in most kilns! The instructions said to put it on a fire proof work surface and as I didn't have one I bought a piece of stainless steel sheet that was cut to size for me on eBay for about 35 quid I seem to remember, you could sit it on a large ceramic tile too or something similar. Programming it is all good (once I got used to the terminology for programming a kiln ) and it seems to do what it should. All in all a good purchase and I would be happy to buy a Prometheus kiln again!

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