Rubber Barrel 3lb (non-vaned)

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Rubber barrels are longer lasting and a lot quieter than a plastic drum. They are also a bit easier to open and close using a little screw on top of the lid - it doesn't require heating up or "burping" like plastic drum does. If you have longer nails (which is impressive if you make jewellery!), or sensitive ears, this is the barrel to choose!

It can be a little harder to clean though, and we recommend you don't store your shot in the drum for longer periods as sometimes this can cause it to go a little "gunky". Instead, after each use, empty the shot into a large sieve and rinse well.

Then you can either;

  1. dry the shot carefully - any moisture left can cause rust (yes, even on stainless steel) and store the shot dry
  2. leave it totally immersed in water with a little sprinkle of barreling compound, in something like a large glass jar.

Outside measurements:  

  • Diameter 11.5cm
  • Height 14.5cm (including the little screw)

Reviews (2)

Rubber Barrel

Written by emine thompson on 21st Jun 2018

After trying the plastic barrel and not getting much joy I ordered this barrel and what a joy ! it is quiet and does the job.

excellent addition to the tumble polisher

Written by Gordon on 8th Nov 2015

Good sized barrel, easy to open and close. A bit quieter than the standard plastic barrel. Overall a great addition to any workshop.

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