Rubber Barrel 1.5lb (non-vaned)

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Rubber barrels are longer lasting and a lot quieter than a plastic drum. They are also a bit easier to open and close using a little screw on top of the lid - it doesn't require heating up or "burping" like plastic drum does. If you have longer nails (which is impressive if you make jewellery!), or sensitive ears, this is the barrel to choose!

It can be a little harder to clean though, and we recommend you don't store your shot in the drum for longer periods as sometimes this can cause it to go a little "gunky". Instead, after each use, empty the shot into a large sieve and rinse well.

Then you can either;

  1. dry the shot carefully - any moisture left can cause rust (yes, even on stainless steel) and store the shot dry
  2. leave it totally immersed in water with a little sprinkle of barreling compound, in something like a large glass jar.

Outside measurements:  

  • Diameter 11.5cm
  • Height 9cm (including the little screw)

Reviews (6)

rubber barrel

Written by Anna Wood on 17th May 2021

Sooo... much quieter than a plastic barrel. Easy access through the lid, rubber "0" ring, washer and screw system. Does not leak. Takes a smaller amount of stones than the plastic barrel but not a problem. Would certainly purchase again.

Rubber Barrel, non-vaned

Written by Marilyn Long on 31st Aug 2019

I only wish I'd bought them sooner. Have struggled with plastic drums and decided to treat myself. I'm finding the opening and closing of the drums so simple and quick to do. The noise level is less than half of my previous ones and, although they whirl away in the garage it is not obtrusive at all. I am so pleased with my first results and I can't fault them.

Excellent product.

Written by Fiona Stewart on 31st Oct 2015

I'm currently doing my level 2 C&G in Silversmithing, and what with school and homework, I thought it would be useful to get a barrel polished. I've done lots of research and reviews and ended up plumbing for this barrel, instructions would have been helpful. It works really well and I'm glad I purchased this additional rubber drum. Smooth running and efficient.

Glad I upgraded

Written by Dawn on 23rd Mar 2015

I upgraded and bought this to go with my mini tumbler kit, on the basis that a) it would be quieter and b) I could then use the plastic one for non-shot media for when I want a satin finish. Took me a couple of goes to get the rubber one cleaned properly; but O..M..G; the shine that results on both my silver clay and sterling items after a bit of tumbling. I never want to go back to hand polishing!! My top tip is that I am using an old jelly straining bag to keep the shot from spilling when emptying it all and an old washing powder tub to keep the shot in when not in use. The use of the rubber barrel keeps the noise to less than my breadmaker, so I can't hear it running in any of the other rooms in the house.

Rubber barrel

Written by Peter Rickett on 16th Jul 2013

I am very pleased with this product. I currently have one rubber and one plastic barrel. I bought this as a replacement for the plastic barrel which I find aggravating to use. In contrast the rubber barrel is quiet and seals easily with the rubber O ring. I cant think of any way to improve the rubber barrel. Well worth the money.

Quiet, easy and I wouldn't be without it

Written by Adrienne Payne (Gothglitz Designs) on 9th Nov 2012

I've just bought a second rubber barrel for my tumbler. The first is still like new, even after two years of being used every day, but I wanted another so I could tumble more pieces at the same time. I find the rubber barrel so much easier to open/close due to the screw fitting and it's much, much quieter. Don't worry about keeping it clean/dry either - I wipe round with a micro-fibre cloth and it leaves the barrel bone-dry. I have left the shot in (with water covering it) the barrel for a few days on the odd occasion and not had any problems, just remember to rinse the shot and add fresh water/compound before using. I've not had any problems with this barrel leaking, or with it's overall performance. It's so worth the money - a very worthwhile purchase.

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