Rubber Barrel 1.5lb - VANED

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Vaned Rubber Barrel for Rotary Metal Barrel Polisher and Mini Tumbler - 1.5lb

Rubber barrels are longer lasting and a lot quieter than a plastic drum. They are also easier to open and close using a little screw on top of the lid - it doesn't require heating up or "burping" like plastic drum does. If you have longer nails (which is impressive if you make jewellery!), or sensitive ears, this is the barrel to choose.

The vaned rubber barrel features a metal and rubber cap, a protective rubber ring, a separate metal lid and a screw-nut and washer to keep your shot, compound and jewellery secure. 

The vanes inside the barrel helps to move the pieces around easily to help them polish faster.

To ensure your rubber barrel is completely clean before you use it for the first time, we suggest you give it a good wash:

  1. First clean with warm soapy water and rinse well.
  2. Put your (clean) shot in the barrel and fill it half-full with a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. Run for 30-40 minutes
  3. Rinse carefully. Fill the barrel half-full with water and a couple of table spoon fulls of Baking Soda. Run for 20 minutes.

The process above will clean the shot and drum of any grease or residue that may be present from the manufacturer. 

Barrel measurements:  

  • Diameter 11.5 cm (about 10 cm inside diameter)
  • 1.5lb

** Vaned barrel. 

Storing shot inside the rubber drum for longer periods can cause it to go a little "gunky". Rather than leaving it in the barrel, after each use empty the shot into a sieve and rinse. Then you have two options on how to store it;

  1. DRY - dry the shot fully. This needs to be done very carefully - any moisture left can cause rust (yes, even on stainless steel) and store it dry.
  2. WET - leave the clean shot totally immersed in water with a little sprinkle of barreling compound. A large glass jar is perfect for this. Give it a little shake so the compound dissolves and gets mixed into the shot. All shot must be left covered by water.
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