Alumilite AMAZING Clear Cast Epoxy Resin - 470ml / 16 fl. oz (approx 500 grams).

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Amazing Clear Cast Resin is an easy to use epoxy resin which does a brilliant job both as a casting and a pouring/coating resin!

A clear casting resin which works well for both thin coats and deeper casts. The Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin is a fantastic product which allows you to create all sorts of projects; from coating photos and drawings, paintings and paper crafts, and filling bottle tops, to casting blanks, large bangles and paper weights. The ideal resin for both resin crafts, resin jewellery making and wood turning.

  • Easy to use - ideal for beginners to resin crafts, jewellery making, pen blanks and turning. Just mix equal amounts of the two parts.
  • Does both thick layers and thin coatings - it is rare to find a resin which does both well!
  • Casts into a multitude of mould types.
  • Nice long work time, 45-50 minutes.
  • Ready to remove out of the mould in about 18-24 hours.

The Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin mixes in equal ratios (1:1 by volume) so very easy to measure up equal amounts of both parts.

Works perfectly with our resin moulds, with no release agent needed (however, release agents are a good way to extend the life of your mould). Can also be cast into plaster, aluminium, latex and urethane moulds if a mold making release (like Vaseline) is used.

Don't use water based dyes or colours with this resin. Our Alumilite Dyes are ideal (which come in a huge range of colours including fluorescent neon colours!), as well as any dry colours, like Pearl Ex.

For high quality metal effects, use the Alumilite Metal Powders, which comes in most metals you might want like; pearlescentbronzegoldcopper and silverFor a glow in the dark effect, use the Phosphorescent Powder!

Can be sanded, wet sanded, and/or buffed.

This kit will cover approximately 2-4 sq.ft. if used as a coating.  Amazing Clear Cast works best if cast in less than 3/8" thickness, for thicker pieces, it is best to do it in layers.

Volume/weight comparison:
470ml is 16 US fl.oz.
This resin has a weight of 500 grams.

Mix ratio: 1:1 by volume
Work time: 45-50 min
Demould time: 18-24 hours. For deeper casts, allow 24-48 hours. 

Approx 470ml (16 fl. oz.) - This resin is also available in a larger size (7.5 litres) here. 

Please note: To help with thickness, keep the Alumilite Clear Cast at a minimum of 21°C or heat the thick side in a bowl of hot tap water for 30 minutes prior to use. The thicker ACC is poured, the cloudier it can be. For thicker castings, multiple pours of 6mm - 16mm approximately 4 hours apart is recommended.

TOP TIP FOR STORAGE: Keep the caps of each resin bottle on tight at all times. Even during use, pour out what you need, then put the caps back on immediately until your next use. This will keep your resin in good working condition for as long as possible. 

Click here for an MSDS sheet for this product. Complies with FDA CFR 177.2600

Click here for a Technical Data sheet for this product.


Regarding health & safety, we always recommend doing your own research, and make your own decisions on any precautions you need to take. Read the SDS and get advice if needed. We suggest ensuring you have good ventilation, and protect your skin and eyes (use nitrile gloves only, don’t use latex with resin). If you work with a large amount of resin, or work with it often, you might want to invest in a VOC filtered face mask.




Reviews (31)


Written by Sharon on 17th Jan 2020

Very easy to use and looks amazing very clear and great for jewellery making love it will buy again soon

Amazin Clearcast Resin

Written by john oborn on 28th Oct 2019

Very easy to use, with a 1:1 mixing ratio, and sets crystal clear. Some problems with air bubbles, but can be reduced by stirring slowly and carefully and leaving the mix standing for 5 or ten minutes before pouring. A bit pricy, but it does go quite a long way.

Metal clay Clea resin

Written by Simon Walker on 7th May 2019

Product arrived ahead of expected delivery date, very well packaged. Clear instructions inside the packaging. Very pleased with this product, great value for money, will be buying again.

Alumilite AMAZING Clear

Written by Melvyn Bailey on 28th Feb 2019

I buy this as and when i need it it is brilliant , It does what it says on the can, Just wish it had a much longer shelf life.

It's alright

Written by Jimmy van der Eng on 12th Oct 2018

It works but I'm not too impressed with the hardness. It's too weak and flexible when you mix 1:1 in my opinion.

My feeling about my "first" order at metalclay

Written by Gérard camelis on 12th Mar 2018

Very glad of my first order, fast delivery and matching quite to the order. This quality product, quite easy to use, had been recommended to me by Carl Jacobson, professional wood turner. In the end no bad surprise, on the contrary good and only good. The turning of Alumilite resin is no problem (no bursting, no pieces) and the finish can be perfect (for me to learn and perfect my work!) Thanks for all Lacey and thanks also to Mr Don Fowler from METAL CLAY LTD. DORSET, ENGLAND who redirected me to you. Gérard Camélis

Alumite resin

Written by Geoffrey Hall on 25th Dec 2017

Brillient stuff great for jewelry easy to use . Recomend warming before mixing releases bubbles faster

Alumillite clear cast resin

Written by Janet on 2nd Oct 2017

Recently purchased this resin from metal clay Ltd I haven't yet used it but I have all my polymer clay pendents ready and waiting to try out this amazing product.

Clear casting resin

Written by Sara on 6th Apr 2017

I love this stuff!!!!!! It's brilliant to work with and so glad metal clay sell this!!! Staff are ALWAYS brilliant whenever you have a questions etc fast delivery and well packaged! I've ordered quite afew times now and don't plan on changing this for the future!!

Easy to use

Written by undefined on 1st Jan 2017

very easy to use, very fast delivery. will buy more

wood glaze/clear rasin

Written by Kris. on 22nd Nov 2016

great product , very fast delivery and friendly customer service. Definately will shop here again.A+++

The best resin I've used

Written by christine royle on 12th Nov 2016

This is a very easy resin to use. Being a 1 to 1 ratio, its very easy to measure, no need for fiddly scales. It hardens in a reasonable time and the results are fantastic. I've been making resin jewellery for a few years now and have used other resins in the past but Clear Cast is the best by far.

good clear casting

Written by joe kirkham on 30th Sep 2016

Was a very good casting poly. It has morfed into orgone healing pyramids and healing jewelry, Thanks for the good service and nice quality stones

making wastewood pen blanks

Written by pam harris on 4th Sep 2016

Amazing clear resin is great for making stabilised wood and resin pen blanks gives enough time for degassing the resin in vacuum chamber. Great results and turn really well.

I won't need to try anything else!

Written by Tanja Bentsdatter on 23rd Jul 2016

I have never used resin before, but Clear Cast is very easy to mix and work with. It leaves no bubbles and is just perfectly clear and beautiful. I will definitely buy this product again. Fast shipping. Thank you!!

The best ever !!

Written by ruth solberg on 29th Jun 2016

Price is OK. Service is fabulous. Shipping : Perfect!


Written by undefined on 19th Jan 2016

ive been using resin for about a year now and didnt like the one i was using so decided to try this and i wont be going back to my old stuff. This is amazing and the pieces come out beautiful and for the price you cant go wrong =]

new to any sort of casting

Written by undefined on 16th Dec 2015

I found the clear cast easy to work with & the finish that was obtained by mixing your gold powder to the resin & coating the inside of the mould was very pleasing as mentioned in one of the other reviews l would have liked the viscosity to have been a bit thinner but over all a very good product with virtually no odour would recommend.

first time user

Written by Eddie on 30th Sep 2015

I molded some large blanks in a pressure pot ready to turn fantastic

Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Written by Dave R on 24th Jul 2015

I have been using this product now for some time I cast my own pen blanks and adding glitter or alumilite dyes I get some funtastic results , I would recommend is to any of you wood workers casting pen blanks or casting woods within the resin itself , Great service as always from the team at metal clay

Better than Easy Cast

Written by Chris on 9th May 2015

After using easy cast for a few years it was suggested that I try this. Well, the results were excellent on my jewelry pieces. It did not take as long to set in the mold, did not shrink at all, and did not need the high temperatures as room temperature was sufficient. So a very satisfied customer here.


Written by undefined on 12th Mar 2015

First time using the resin. Excellent

Even better the Gedeo

Written by André Aakjaer on 6th Mar 2015

After using Gedeo resins for some time now, I tried the Amazing Clear Resin. And I think its great. Easy to mix and clears up beautifully. Great product which I can recommend. KR AHA. Denmark


Written by undefined on 31st Dec 2014

Well packaged. Plenty to keep me going. VERY HAPPy


Written by leanne on 10th Dec 2014

This was awesome just as good as Ice resin and half the price

Love it!

Written by Rosa on 8th Dec 2014

I had been using Envirotex Lite and Envirotex Jewelry resin but decided to give this a try based on the reviews below. I've tested it in shallow pours and in small silicone moulds and both turned out great! The resin sets beautifully clear, it's great not to have to spend ages trying to get rid of bubbles. Highly recommended!

Really good!

Written by Decoupage Spells on 10th Sep 2014

It is very easy to use even for absolute beginners as me. There isn't any smell and bubbles go away easily. I used this resin in silicone molds and it came out very nicely. Highly recommended!

4.5 stars really

Written by Erin on 23rd Jul 2014

After years of using Gedeo I thought I'd give this a try. I really appreciate the 1:1 mix ratio! Gives my poor brain a rest. However the parts are very high viscosity which makes measuring small amounts rather tricky. On the plus side it seems to clear itself of bubbles perfectly well when left to cure, and really is amazingly clear when it comes out!

So easy to use!

Written by Amie on 10th Jun 2014

I have never used resin before. After being recommended this product by a member of staff here, I was impressed with how easy it was to use! Highly recommend this!!

It really is amazing!!

Written by Sally McCabe on 23rd May 2014

I have used a few clear resins but this is by far the easiest, clearest and quickest of the lot. Bubbles clear mostly by themselves unless you are encapsulating something that traps air in which case I let it sit when mixed until the bubbles have gone and pour slowly. I set flowers in resin and they look fabulous in this resin :)

Great Finish

Written by undefined on 6th Apr 2014

I purchased this for my first ever resin casting experiment and for an absolute beginner it was fabulous. I used a plastic multi jewel mould (also purchased from this site) and the finished cast resin pieces which I inset with dried plants, glass beads and metal charms came out so crystal clear and beautiful. Just follow the instructions exactly and it does exactly what it says on the package.

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