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Buy in bulk with this pack of 10 and save about 5% on the individual price! 10 x individually packaged 7gm Art Clay Silver New Formula 

Art Clay Silver has been around since 1995. Since its launch, there has been a few different types of Art Clay Silver, including Art Clay Original Formula, Art Clay 650, Art Clay Slow Tarnish, and Art Clay 650 Slow Dry. Aida has picked the best parts from their three most popular clays in the past - easy moulding and shaping from the Original, slow drying from the Slow Dry, and a low firing temperature from the 650 range.

We think this might just be the ideal clay!

  • It has a better workability and a longer working time (longer than Slow Dry!) than previous Art Clay Silver products.
  • It retains and accepts moisture easier than the existing silver clay types, which means it is easier to keep supple and much easier to reconstitute if it dries.
  • It has similar drying times (when applying heat).
  • It carves and files easier in the dry stage than the existing formulas.
  • Fire with kiln, torch, or gas stove. Using a kiln the recommended time and temperatures are 30 minutes at 650°C on a continuum to only 5 minutes at 800°C.
  • Shrinkage 8-9%.

The clay can be hallmarked as fine silver at any UK Assay Office.

A 7gm package should be enough to make an average sized ring, and maybe a charm or two.

Don't just listen to us - here is some feedback we've had from testers:

  • The clay is definitely easy to manipulate if you are designing as you go.
  • I bonded to pieces together beautifully, and only needed a little sanding.  
  • The clay is easier to sand
  • I polished with the ‘sunshine’ cloth and was really amazed at the beautiful deep shine, it took me by surprise.  The pieces also felt dense, and strong.
  • With its ability to blend so well when pasted, this makes putting the 3D pieces together seamless.  The clay seems to take longer to dry out which gives more time for creating a piece. 
  • It carved well.
  • The clay has a lovely soft smooth texture and works for much longer than the existing 650. 
  • No problems and no minor surface edge cracking!
  • Collected all my sandings, drilling dust and tiny dried bits and reconstituted them. They came together really easily.
  • It held its moisture much better than 650, original or slow dry.
  • I think it will be much better for teaching with, due to the extra working time and as it seems less prone to minor surface cracking. Whilst I think it takes a little longer to dry I do not see that as a problem when teaching.
  • I will certainly buy this clay in preference to the existing 650 or original. I love it!! :)
  • A pleasant surprise. I found the clay to be slightly more yielding, moister and yet less ‘sticky’ than the original 650 formula. 
  • I usually prefer the working texture of 650 to that of the Slow Dry Formula, but have to say that this new formula offered the best of both worlds - staying supple for longer. 
  • I attempted plenty of rolling out, cutting and then ‘scrunching’ up and re-rolling and didn’t observe any cracking, drying-out or the usual deterioration in the ‘condition’ of the clay that one would expect at that stage. 
  • It would be very ‘user friendly’ for beginners who do struggle with working fast enough to prevent the clay drying.  I would be very supportive of any new material that would give beginners confidence to continue.
  • When dry, it feels nice and velvety, not chalky.
  • Mistakes and cracks are very easy to repair/fill with a wet brush and it goes smooth quickly and nicely.
  • It was a pleasure to work with and I much prefer it to the slow dry variety. In fact, I think I even prefer it to the 650 one which I use normally.

Reviews (8)

Silver clay

Written by Jan Collins on 1st Aug 2019

The product is exactly what it says and is easy to use.

Metal clay 7g x 10

Written by Mrs W Holleyman on 21st Sep 2018

Very pleased with this product

Art clay silver multipack

Written by undefined on 19th Nov 2016

Great clay to work with and the multipack makes it great value too.

Silver Clay multi packs 7g

Written by Ann on 16th Nov 2016

I have begun to teach at intro stage and this multi pack is very useful and money saving

Fantastic product

Written by Sally Stimpson on 15th Aug 2016

This clay is so easy to work with. Buying in bulk, in small quantities i.e 10 x 7g packets is good as you only open packets as you need them, keeping the rest perfectly fresh. Love it!

Best Value

Written by Claire on 23rd Feb 2016

As well as saving buying in bulk I love the fact it is in separate packs so it doesn't dry up and need to be used straight away. Nice and easy to work with !

Handy Size

Written by Charles Miller. on 19th Aug 2015

I use this multi pack a lot as the clay is always fresh from the pack no matter how much you need to use. Saves problems of drying out and its easy to blend in the small bits left over into the next fresh pack. Also it's the cheapest way to buy, and when you use a lot it all helps.

fab clay

Written by jayne on 18th Aug 2015

Easy to work with just lovely

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