art-clay-silver-pendant-nano-gems-cz-stone8.jpgWHAT IS ART CLAY SILVER - PRECIOUS METAL CLAY?

Art Clay looks and feels much like ordinary sculpting or porcelain clay, but it is made from extremely fine (micron sized) particles of pure fine silver, mixed up with a non-toxic organic binder and water. Shape your design using just your fingers and basic tools. Push the clay into moulds, or add textures with rubber stamps. Leave to dry and, if you want, engrave or carve designs, words, or shapes in to the clay. Once fully dry, fire with a kitchen torch, or on a gas hob, or in a kiln. The binder burns out during firing, leaving you with just pure real fine silver.

Jewellery making from home has never been so easy! 

Art Clay precious metal clay is easy to use, fun, inspiring and non-toxic. As a beginner you can use ‘tools’ you can find in your kitchen, office, or DIY toolbox.

Art Clay Silver can be fired with glass, some stones and sterling silver. You can fire it with a torch, on a gas stove, or in a kiln.

There are three simple steps to creating your own silver jewellery: 

1. Shape your piece

2. Leave it to dry

3. Fire it

That's it! You now have a pure fine silver piece which just needs polishing up. The fired silver clay can be hallmarked as fine silver at any UK Assay Office.

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