Bead, Bezel & Ring Builders

Make perfectly sized, professional, hollow beads with the fantastic Bead Builders!

The Bead Builders let you make beads fitting Pandora style bracelets**, with ease. Successfully, every time. No more guessing and stressing about the size, just press your clay into the mould, bond the two halves with paste, refine and fire! 


The Bead Builders allow you to create the base shape quickly and easy, so you can concentrate on the fun stuff; decorating, personalising, and customising the bead! They use minimal clay (approx 4.5 grams) so makes even silver an affordable clay to work with!

Make your beads extra special using a Frame Adaptor add-on; this creates a little frame with a recess on both sides of the bead. For a perfect fit, use the Fitting Adaptors Mould to create little "donuts" which you place on either side of the bead to make the opening smaller if needed.


**The beads will fit as long as you use metal clay which shrinks no more than 12%.

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