Bezel & Prong Pusher - 8 Piece Stone Setting Tool

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Set stones in no time at all with this nifty little Bezel & Prong Pusher!

Place your stone in an empty setting, place the tool over the prongs or bezel and press down. All prongs/bezel wire is then closed around the stone, evenly and quickly. This pusher even works with cupchain prongs. Ideal for our embeddable prong stone settings, and pre-made round bezel cups.

Here’s how to choose the correct head size for your stone setting:

  • 1mm stone setting = 4mm head
  • 2mm stone setting = 6mm head
  • 4mm stone setting = 8mm head
  • 5mm stone setting = 9mm head
  • 6mm stone setting = 10mm head
  • 8mm stone setting = 12mm head
  • 10mm stone setting = 14mm head

Included: Pusher handle, plus 7 x interchangeable heads.

Material: Wood, silver-plated brass and steel

Reviews (1)

Really works

Written by Enigma on 4th Apr 2017

I was sceptical when I purchased this prong pusher, really did not need to be. So simple but very effective.

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