Del Rey Pliers - Flat Nose Box Joint

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Del Rey Box Joint Flat Nose Pliers

Look no further, your dream pliers have arrived! Professional quality at economy prices. Del Rey’s box joint unsprung pliers feature a specially designed non-slip finish to give a better grip while in use.

Why don't they have a spring?

Without a spring, you get a very accurate grip with 100% control and tactile feedback. Not having a spring also means less hand and muscle strain and lowers the risk for carpal tunnel. Not having a spring might seem odd (as most craft pliers are sprung), but once you've worked with these for a session or two, we think you'll understand why most professional pliers are unsprung. 

Should I choose 5"or 6"?

The 5" pliers are the most standard size, and what we would recommend if you're not sure about what size to choose.

The 6" are (of course) longer, but also a little weightier and also a little wider; if you have large or wide hands or very long fingers you would probably love the larger size. And some people with smaller hands prefer working with larger pliers, it's a personal preference!

5" when closed: 140mm (5 1/2") long x 48mm (1 7/8") wide. Nose: 22mm long x 5mm wide

6" when closed: 154mm (6 1/8") long x 53mm (2 1/8") wide. Nose: 28mm long x 7mm wide

What is a box joint?

The joint on a pair of pliers refers to the area where the two jaws of the pliers and the handles come together and how this joint was constructed. Lap joint is when two different layers are brought together in an overlap and then secured in this arrangement. Box joint is where one layer is cut open, and the other layer fed through and then the two layers are secured together inside the box.

A box joint keeps the faces aligned, eliminating any play in the pliers. Box joint pliers will always outlast and outperform lap joint pliers, they are far superior type of pliers for jewellery making. Box joint pliers retain precise alignment and experience no looseness or side play, and always open and close smoothly due to their joint construction.


  • 100% pressure feedback
  • Non-slip tactile handles
  • Choice of size

Material: Stainless Steel

Available in 5” and 6”.





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