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Diamond Glaze is a dimensional adhesive that dries to a clear glass-like finish. Use it to fill bezels, like our Funky Frames.

It securely holds vellum, Embossable Window Plastic, glass beads, glitter and many other mediums. Unlike other clear adhesives, Diamond Glaze™ is mixable with dye-based inks, watercolour, pearlescent pigments and more. 

Diamond Glaze™ is great for application of glitter, beads, charms and other trinkets. It works well for filling shallow bezels, trapping pictures or smaller items.

Also, a thin layer of Diamond Glaze ™ is a perfect way to create a glossy layer that enhances and protects your work. It is best when used on thicker paper or stock.


Q: Is Diamond Glaze™ permanent?
A: Diamond Glaze™ is water soluble when wet and washes easily with soap and water. When dry it makes a permanent adhesive, difficult to remove. We recommend covering any work surface when using.
Q: Is Diamond Glaze™ acid free?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you mix Diamond Glaze™ with other media?
A: Yes, it mixes well with dye-based inks, watercolour, pearlescent pigments, and pastel chalks.
Q: How long does it take to dry?
A: It depends on the thickness of application. If you apply a thin layer, Diamond Glaze can dry in munutes. A layer that is 1mm thick can take up to 2 to 3 hours to dry depending on the humidity.
Q: How do you get Diamond Glaze™ out of your clothes?
A: That's a tough one. While the glaze is wet, you can wash with soap and water. When it dries, you have a permanent embellishment to your outfit. We are looking for a solvent for cleaning dried Diamond Glaze™, but at this time we recommend soaking in water before it dries.
Q: Does Diamond Glaze™ work well on fabrics or with heat?
A: Diaomnd Glaze™ is not the best for gluing fabrics. It makes thin and delicate fabrics look wet. Because it is a great adhesive it can hold the fabric in place, but unless you can camouflage the area, a different adhesive may be better.
Q: Does Diamond Glaze™ yellow over time?
A: When applied in a thick layer or exposed to prolonged sunlight, it may yellow.
Q: Once dry is Diamond Glaze™ scratch resistant?
A: Diamond Glaze™ is permanent & dries hard, but is not completely scratch resistant.

Q: Is Diamond Glaze™ waterproof?

A: It was designed to be used for cardmaking, and can be very useful in other projects. However, it is water soluble, so not waterproof.

Q: What do you do about bubbles?

A: There are a variety of reasons why bubbles can occur:

  • Do not shake the bottle. If the bottle has been shaken, bubbles that are generated get trapped. If it sits for a long time, they eventually dissipate.
  • When applying Diamond Glaze™ directly out of the applicator tip, first squeeze a small amount onto a piece of scratch paper. The first amount of Diamond Glaze™ out of the applicator will have air trapped in the tube that can create a series of bubbles. Move over to the project you're working on without letting air back into the tip and continue to apply the Diamond Glaze™
  • If applying Diamond Glaze™ with a paintbrush, it's best to move your brush slowly and in a linear direction. If you move too quickly or in a circular motion, this can generate bubbles. Also, be sure the brush is free of excess water as that will mix inconsistently with the Diamond Glaze™ thus creating bubbles.
  • When you have a series of bubbles you can take a dry paint brush and pop the bubbles.

Q: How does one avoid the ink bleeding when using Diamond Glaze?

A: Diamond Glaze is water-soluble. Coloured pencils, as well as permanent and alcohol inks should work nicely. Basically anything that is not water-soluble.

Reviews (4)

Great Price, Speedy delivery

Written by `clare on 4th Aug 2020

Fabulous service from Metal Clay Ltd and the glue is sold at a very reasonable price. The product itself, though great when it first opened, appears to have a short shelf like. I've noticed air bubbles appearing in my work quite late in the drying process that leaves silver spots under glass when dried.

Diamond glaze

Written by Marina mclaughlin on 19th Jun 2020

Great product..great price..fast delivery.

lovely shine

Written by Julie Carter on 14th Feb 2015

I've been using this for my pendants and they have worked lovely. Really pleased with it. Beware of bubbles though, get these out with a fine paintbrush before it dries. Leaves a lovely shine.

Not always the best choice

Written by LAF on 8th May 2013

Normally I would use resin in my pendant designs, however resin can be expensive and time consuming to use. Sometimes I only need a amount of material for photographing or use as samples and did not need it to be waterproof. It was very good at adhering the paper to the bezel but was less successful in doming the glaze in thin layers. Bubbles appeared late in the curing when I wasn't expecting them leaving a marred finish. I tried sanding it down before pouring another layer but unfortunately the "pock" marks were still there. I can see uses for the glaze in other mediums but not jewellery.

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