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Efcolor easy-to-use enamel powders are finally here!

Efcolor enamel powders are fired at just 150ºC, so there is no need for a specialist kiln. They can be baked in your home oven, or use the specially designed Efcolor Tea Light Stove (If you have a fan assisted oven you might need to check where you place your pieces, so that the fan doesn't blow the powder off before it has had a chance to set). 

Efcolor can be used on a wide range of surfaces inlcuding wood, porcelain, glass, silver, copper, bronze, brass, stone, ceramic or any other surface that can be fired at 150ºC... including our great range of copper blanks which can be found here.

You can get some great effects by sifting through stencils or shapes, or by adding elements to the powder and then baking in place. We recommend you get a sifter/sieve top to make it easier to spread the colour over your surface.

*Please note - occasionally you'll find Efco colour powder on the outside of the bottles - this is from the manufacturing process but does not mean the bottle is leaking.  

Effect Example.jpg

PLEASE NOTE: This product doesn't come with instructions, here are the basics: 

Step 1) Sift your powder onto your chosen backing.

Step 2) Move onto your firing plate.

Step 3) Insert into an oven that is pre-heated to 150ºC.

Step 4) Remove after 3-5 minutes (be careful, it will be hot).

If you are doing the back, then just repeat the above, but don't lay it colour down onto your firing plate, as the colour will melt again. For double sided firing, use a firing stand (trivet). If you get the Efcolor Tea Light Stove it comes with a trivet.

Reviews (28)

Small tub

Written by Glenn Jordan on 12th Feb 2021

Excellent quality products

Efcolor enamel

Written by Vanessa on 26th Aug 2020

Lovely colours and worked really well on copper earrings.


Written by Clare on 5th Jun 2020

Service second to none, will definitely be coming back

EFCOLOR powders

Written by Tracey on 14th Feb 2019

While I do prefer glass enamel's, these are good for use with Pewter & Aluminium, which would melt in a kiln.

Efcolor low temp enamel

Written by Tracey Jones on 6th Sep 2017

I got this product to use on polymer clay and I love it, great product.

Great for filling engraved letters

Written by Nick. on 12th Jul 2016

I bought this to see if it would fill script, after using a Gravograph to engrave letters on Stainless steel and Titanium. It melts easily, but does take precise placement, in order not to waste too much powder. When it is cool, it is hard and glossy to the touch, so no finger prints. The best suprise is that with 500 grit paper, it turns back in to powder, allowing the sanding back of the excess and then leaving a crisp line of coloured script. It did take two applications, but 10 mins a time means that it's still very quick and easy to get professional results.

A very good product

Written by encief design on 1st Jun 2016

I used the low temp enamels to make my own embellishments for my wooden boxes etc I cut my own copper shapes and enameled them before setting them in the piece I was making, this was the first time I had tried this and found it a very easy and satisfying process.

Easy to use and very effective - EFCOLOR enamels

Written by Jane K on 13th Apr 2016

I found these cold (low temp) enamels very easy to use . The finished colour was deep and vibrant- I am new to pmc and enamelling and I found the whole process very simple and effective.


Written by zdenka on 31st Jan 2016

hello, you would not believe. It is perfect for polymer clay. excellent.

Efcolor enamel

Written by undefined on 17th Dec 2015

Very easy to use and nice colours

lovely colours

Written by patrick on 7th Nov 2015

Very easy to use, my 11 year old grand niece is going to enjoy using these to make some copper hearts. They seem to use very little powder,are easy to use, give great colours.

Great results!

Written by Marcia on 7th Nov 2015

This low temperature enamel is so easy to use. It can be melted in a conventional oven which is great. Takes about 5 minutes. Gorgeous colours too. Love it.

Fantastic Products

Written by Zöe on 14th Oct 2015

Wanted to try enamelling, though without having to buy a kiln. These are perfect and easy to use which also give great effect. Will continue experimenting with them.

Pretty effect

Written by undefined on 8th Jan 2015

Adds a lovely sparkle to the enamelled pieces

A fun, inexpensive and easy way to play with colour

Written by Boo on 21st Dec 2014

I've always wanted to try enameling as I work a lot in copper and metal clay and I do have a kiln, but the high temperatures needed give me the willies, so I thought I'd try these low temp colours first. I've had a lot of fun with them. I've found that my results have improved significantly with a little practice and honing of technique; like anything. The beauty is that being powder, if you don't like the result before heating the piece, just tip it off, give it a wipe and start again - I've done that a few times. You can work in thin layers and build it up gradually and progressively hone and add to the the design and add new colours, which melt into the ones below, without mixing. Just make sure that you have lots of pieces of paper to hand as you work to catch all the excess powder to re-use, even mixed colours can be put into a new container to use, so nothing is wasted and in fact my favourite piece to date used these mixed colours and they give a nice speckled texture. I don't know yet how hard wearing it is, but attempts to deliberately damage it haven't made any impact. In fact, I didn't like one design and tried to sand it off to re-work and it proved hard work to remove, so it seems pretty robust. I've had a lot of fun working with them and the powder seems to have gone a long way, so it's pretty economical too. I've enameled the lids on some little tins for stocking fillers: http://photos.imageevent.com/boophotos/jewellery/enameltins28543f.jpg http://photos.imageevent.com/boophotos/jewellery/enameltins28513f.jpg


Written by undefined on 4th Sep 2014

Very pleased with this product. It is pretty easy to use, gives a nice finish and comes in a lovely range of colours. Great results in minutes without the need for expensive equipment.

Great product!

Written by Faith on 29th Aug 2014

Very pleased with this product. It is pretty easy to use, gives a nice finish and comes in a lovely range of colours. Great results in minutes without the need for expensive equipment.

Great colours

Written by Diana Lambert on 25th Jan 2014

Just started out with a few colors - now buying lots as so easy to use!

Poor surface

Written by Haydn Webb on 26th Oct 2013

The finished surface does not match true glass based enamel. It is soft and scratches easily. It does not reflect light very well. It has ruined a piece that was a long time making. Gave a cheap toy like finish. It is too light when applying the powder and can blister and burn if the temp. is not carefully controlled. Slightly lower temperature gives a rough surface. ***** RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY**** Hi Haydn, We are sorry to hear you were dissatisfied with your experience with the product. We just want to point out that this products is not, and has never claimed to be a replacement for glass enamel. It is intended as a fun and easy way to add enamel colour to any surface - wood, porcelain, glass, silver, copper, bronze, brass, stone, ceramic or any other surface that can be fired at 150ºC. We think that this is a fabulous product to work with, whilst knowing that nothing will compare to the true glass enamel if that is what you are after.

Excellent results

Written by Gordon Stewart on 23rd Oct 2013

Bought a few of these with the oven a while ago to try. Love them! since then I've bought all the colours and textures. So easy to work with and give excellent results every time. Economical because the oven works on tea light candles, though if you are batch baking it can be done in a domestic oven (just don't use a baking tray you use for food)The colours are vibrant and clean, the texture powders give a great effect. If you've been thinking about these I would say give it a go. You can also buy a special EFCO glue that lets you use the powders on sloping and vertical surfaces. One thing that kind of put me off a bit was the leaflet, some of the projects look a bit 'cheap and plasticy' I thought. I didn't think these powders would work for me as I make jewellery to sell, however, if you're thinking the same these powders make it remarkably easy to add hardwearing colour to your projects. There are also a few tranparent colours in the range which work great with metal foils under them. Because it's either a candle or a 150 in the oven for a few mins to cure the powders these are excellent for Cloisonne projects. You can prepare your blank, solder some wires in place then add the powder into the cells and the low heat won't remelt the solder. If you've been thinking of dabbling with enamelling these are a great practice route clearly I'm a huge fan

stunning results

Written by caroline maddison on 18th Sep 2013

Bought several of these to run an Art workshop as I wasn't sure how far they would go. Very economical and fairly easy to use. Produced some excellent results.


Written by marc on 24th Jun 2013

Buy this with the oven in fact be like me and buy lots of these enamels you can start making thing in just a few MOs I would suggest you watch the vid on you tube very helpful great service so go on increase your crafty play time with a 5 star easy to use great results product 100% positive easy to use don't be mean with powder

Still working on them

Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2013

Have found them difficult to manage the amount of coverage but this may come the more I use them. Also still working out how to blend colours. However they are cheap enough to experiment.

Excellent alternative to vitreous enamel

Written by Sally Larkham on 29th Apr 2013

I was recently introduced to this by my teacher, and I was so impressed that I bought some for myself! Unlike many enamel products, you can get many of the effects you can get with vitreous enamel, but without the toxicity and the expense; and it's easy and quick to use, taking only a short time to fire, and few special tools (though the Tea Light Stove isn't very expensive, and saves using your oven). You can enamel anything that can take 150 degrees for a few minutes; and can use the enamel to hold gems etc. The results are impressive too - beautiful colours!

Easy to use enamel

Written by undefined on 27th Apr 2013

A fantastic easy to use product once you've had a little practice with applying even layers. Just don't forget to buy the sieve tops like I did! :) I've actually bought these as alternative to regular glass enamels as I have very little experience using glass, and I will be using these on sections of silver clay pieces. I tried these on a piece of aluminium for tests and I found that they're also very strong with no chips or scratching. I bought all the transparent, glitter, and metallic colours and they are wonderful :)

Enamel covering

Written by undefined on 20th Mar 2013

This product once you have tried it, with practise you can produce good enamelling, but it does take practise and patience, better than cold enamel.

Efcolor Cold Enamel

Written by Karol on 14th Aug 2012

Brilliant product to use and the finish is superb. I use this after the ceramic paint I used kept bubbling.

A great product, so easy to use

Written by Lisa on 30th Jul 2012

I bought this after using these products at a local enamelling workshop. They are so easy to use, and produce great results. I bought a range of colours and some copper blanks, and spent an enjoyable day with my 9 & 11 year olds making a range of jewellery.

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