Foam Smoothing and Healing Tool (to be cut up - up to 16pc)

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Foam Healing & Smoothing Tool < /br>We asked Wanaree Tanner to test drive a whole range of foam tools for us - this was the ultimate winner!

These little Foam smoothing and healing tools are a great way to tidy up your dried metal clay before firing, without spending ages on sanding. You're also avoiding creating lots of dust, good for your lungs, and for keeping your studio clean!

This new foam is firmer and slightly denser, making it last longer, and ideal for cutting into teeeny tiiiiny strips - allowing you to smooth and refine the tightest and smallest of spaces.

You can use it dry as a soft sanding stick, or dip it lightly in water and use to tidy up any edges, or to soften the clay so it can be blended and fill in small cracks.

foam-smoothing-tool-235-foam-cutting.pngYou get two rectangles ready for you to cut up into whatever shapes you like.

We suggest cutting the rectangles in one of the two ways shown here;

  1. in portrait into 3 long strips, then cut each of those strips in half, at an angle. This will give you 6 pc per rectangle so a total of 12. These will each be a little longer than if you cut as option 2.
  2. in landscape (long side up) into 4 long strips,  then cut each of those strips in half, at an angle. This will give you 8 pc per rectangle so a total of 16. These will be a little shorter than if you cut as option 1.

Cutting them at an angle gives you a shape which works great for smoothing surfaces and edges, as well as getting into small spaces.

Using a scalpel or a cutting blade gives you a much smoother edge than you would get with scissors. A blade like this is ideal tool for cutting the foam - it cuts through it like butter, and

Watch Wanaree's video for tips on how to use this clever little tool. 

Includes 2 x rectangles, each 8cm x 6cm (3.15" x 2.36")

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