Foredom Motor LX - High Torque - Bench Mounted with Foot Pedal

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Bench mounted Foredom LX motor with flexshaft, cast iron base, and foot pedal.

The bench style version of Foredom's High Torque/Low Speed LX motor with flexshaft and permanent magnet motors is the ideal choice for work where you need more power and more control via slower speeds. For instance, stone setting, wax modelling, and pearl drilling. The perfect motor for using with hammer handpieces (H.15 & H.15D).

This Foredom flex shaft TX motor is bench mounted, with a table-top dial control. 230 V version with a three pin fused UK plug.

In the box:

  • LX motor, with cast iron bench mount (M.LXB)
  • Standard 39" key tip flexshaft (S-93)
  • Foot control (C.TXR-2)


LX Motor

The permanent magnet motor in the LX system is specifically designed for high torque/low speed applications, offering more power for jobs like stone setting, wax modeling, and pearl drilling. It comes mounted on a cast iron base, allowing for easy placement anywhere on the workbench. 

The ball bearing motor feature full power and torque from start-up all the way through the full speed range up to 5,000 rpm. 

This motor is ideal for use with Foredom's drill press. The LX motor is also perfect for using with the H.15 and H.15D Hammer Handpiece, which both require a low speed - the LX motor ensures your hammer handpiece doesn't get damaged by too-high-speeds. 


This motor comes equipped with the standard 39″ long key tip, shafting for connecting to any of Foredoms quick disconnect handpieces. Comes with a 39" long key tip shafting for connecting to any of Foredom's quick disconnect handpieces.

Foot Control (C.TXR-2)

This foot control looks the same as the standard Foredom foot control but it is a little different. It has electronics that convert AC current from an electrical outlet to DC current, which is the type required by Series LX motors. This control also has a different style plug that is made to fit the motor’s shielded-type plug.

It is made of heavy-duty plastic with durable electronics. The ergonomics allow precise and reliable speed control with your foot.

IMPORTANT: The 230V version of the Foredom LX motor can only be used with three speed controls; this one,
 C.SXR-2, or C.EMX-2 controls. Ay other speed control will damage the motor.

Two year limited warranty.

Why is the label red rather than blue - is this a fake?

No, the label is red to show it is a UK 230 voltage motor, rather than a US voltage. Any Foredom motor you buy in Europe SHOULD have a red label. If it is blue it is designed for 110V!

PLEASE NOTE - this motor does not come with a handpiece. Designed for keytip handpieces released by Foredom. 

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