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Are you after large quantities of Nekoosa inkless wipes and papers? Are you a business needing a reliable, fast, efficient and fabulously priced wholesale and bulk-buy supplier of inkless printing products in the UK?

We offer inkless printing sets at great prices for our business customers, and will match (or better prices) where possible.

Email us on or call 01929 554771 for your bespoke requirements.

*Please note: All our prices include VAT and delivery!*

This is the no-mess, ink-free solution for taking prints of babies, children, hands, feet, fingerprints, dogs, cats, paws, horses - just about anything really. Ideal for memory, keepsake, and fingerprint jewellery making.

The Inkless Paper reacts with the Inkless Wipes. You simply wipe the applicator wipe over the hand (or cat paw etc), and then steadily press the hand onto the Inkless Paper. Within minutes the print will appear.

It is completely non toxic and can be used safely and easily to create extremely detailed prints. The wipe can be reused several times. It looks like a small wet wipe, but it will feel very dry when you take it out of the package. It isn't supposed to be wet, or to leave a visible trace on the skin.

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