Jewellery shape template - Paired Leaves

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Fabulous templates. Use these with a needletool to cut out pendants, charms, accents, ring toppers, earrings from any type of jewellery clay - with so many different sizes and shapes available it is easy to make matching sets, or just to find that perfect shape in the perfect size. Can also be used with sheet metal, using a scribe to scratch the shape directly onto the metal sheet. Overall template measures 89 x 127mm. Contains 12 shapes, which consist of 5 different leaf designs. Individual shapes range in size from 26 to 48mm high. Made from a durable sturdy see-through plastic.

Reviews (2)

Very useful

Written by Gordon Stewart on 22nd Oct 2013

Great little products for uniform shapes. Ideal for making earring and pendant sets and ensuring everything will match size and shape.

cut out pattern

Written by Anonymous on 17th Jul 2012

not eaty to use on wet clay ******** Hi there anonymous writer. Thanks for the review, I would have liked to hear a little more of what you didn't like with the template. From your comment it sounds as if your clay was wet when you used the template. On most clays (actually, all clays I can think of, apart from polymer clay!) I can imagine that would cause a bit of a mess. The template should be used on clay which is still plastic (so wet, not dry), but you can't put it on clay that you have added a lot of water to, or if you've just applied water to the surface. Hope that helps someone else thinking about this product. I LOVE the templates myself. Such a quick and easy way to create shapes. Thanks for taking the time to review the product, and I hope you'll see this note and make it work for you!

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