JoolTool Accessories: Dust Exctractor/Vacuum with Foot Pedal

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Anie’s JOOLTOOL PRO VACUUM extracts dust and keeps your work area clean when using the JoolTool!

This professional-grade dust extraction and collection system is powerful, whisper quiet and has a foot-activated switch for hands-free operation. It comes with a 6ft hose that fits directly into your JoolTool’s Vacuum Port (on the hood), no adaptors needed. The replaceable HEPA filter collects sub-micron particles at the exhaust point to keep air as clean as can be.

Note to professionals: you can send the filter to a refiner to reclaim your precious metals.

Plugs into a standard 220V mains plug.


  • vacuum/dust collector body
  • 6ft hose
  • power cord
  • foot activated on/off switch
  • filter bag (Inside vacuum - please check this is fitted properly before use)
  • HEPA Filter (installed inside vacuum)


Height: 9.75″(248mm)
Width: 7″(178mm)
Depth: 16″(407m)
Weight: 23lbs (11kg)
CFM: 141m3 / min
W.C: 90″ (Inch of Water Column)
Noise level: 50 dB (approximate)


Reviews (1)

Worth its weight in gold!

Written by Clare Horner on 31st May 2018

Super fast delivery as always and fabulous customer service. This vacuum is a must have! I was using a workshop wet/dry vac that was very cheap, and well you get what you pay for, a ringing headache from the noise and a bag that clogged up all the time! To be fair it was not designed for what I was using it for, now I have upgraded to the proper JoolTool Pro vacuum I wish I had done so long ago. It is as it states in the description, super quiet, the decibel rating is really low so while it still does make noise it is no where near as loud as a normal vacuum, it does not hurt your ears or give you a headache. The bag to catch your particles takes a few minutes to change, you have to undo 6 screws on top of the casing, pull the old one out and slide on the new, very simple, this can also be sent in to the refiners to recover the precious metal. The machine is weighty, no worry about it falling over at around 9kg, has an easy carry handle on top making it easy to lift and move and is delivered in a super sturdy double corrugate box. All in all, fabulous design and well worth it.

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